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 Powerful programmer's editor written in assembly language, with macros, large file support and more

 Author:    Greenview Data, Inc.
 Family:    MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 Platforms: CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows (CP/M and DOS no longer supported)
 License:   Shareware

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For example, you can edit a 500 megabyte file with ease using VEDIT. It is written in AssemblyLanguage for speed. This editor has a built-in MacroLanguage, does multiple windows (even in DOS) and has such goodies as SyntaxColorHighlighting?. It has template capabilities and for assembly language programmers, it even offers a unique "uppercase everything to the left of a semicolon" mode.

This allows Assembly language that was typed liked this:

     mov ax,bc   ;neato
     jmp L1
 L1: nop
     jnz L1      ;stuff is Cool!

to look like this:

     MOV AX,BX   ;neato
     JMP L1
 L1: NOP
     JNZ L1      ;stuff is Cool!

CategoryLargeFileHandling CategoryMacroLanguage? CategoryMultipleBuffers? CategorySyntaxColoring? CategoryCommandLine?

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