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 VOoM : Vim Outliner of Markers -- two-pane outliner and related utilities

 Author:   Vlad Irnov
 Homepage: http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=2657
 Family:   OutlinerFamily ViFamily
 Platform: Vim
 License:  Open Source

VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markers) emulates a two-pane text outliner. It can be used with any buffer that has start fold markers with level numbers, that is {{{1, {{{2, {{{3, etc. (See :help fold-marker. Markers are specified by option 'foldmarker'.) The only restriction is that there are should be no end fold markers with levels: }}}3, }}}2, etc.

Note that this is not a 'filetype' plugin. VOoM is mostly a utility for navigating and manipulating start fold markers with levels. Numbered markers are versatile for organizing all kinds of files: source code, Vim help file, plain text notes, a large wiki file, a custom GTD format, and so on.


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