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VersaEdit - A programmers text editor

 Author:    Szachna Spirytus
 Family:    MsDosEditors
 License:   Shareware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  MSDOS

VersaEdit was created specifically to enable PC programmers to effectively create, maintain, and manipulate source code files. While the VersaEdit design was influenced by other software, it was not based on any existing program editor. Instead, VersaEdit was designed from scratch to conveniently accommodate program editing tasks in the PC environment.

VersaEdit supports editing or viewing of up to eight files through up to eight text windows. The windows can be either horizontal or both horizontal and vertical. The window sizes are easily adjusted using the arrow keys.

The Cut & Paste facility allows easy file merges and breakups. The blocks of text can be easily exchanged among the files.

The Find/Replace? facility allows searches in both directions. The user can request upper/lower case sensitivity, replacement confirmation, and other options.

VersaEdit is easily customized through menus. You can completely change its appearance by modifying colors and other display parameters.

Other features include:

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