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 Shareware text editor for MS/DOS and Win3X/9X console mode with Borland interface.

 Author:   Primasoft
 Family:   MsDosEditors WordStarFamily
 Platform: MS-DOS Win3X Win9X
 License:  Shareware

Vision Edit is a text editor. With Vision Edit you can edit many files simultaneously. Each file will be opened in a separate window. Most functions can be selected from pull-down menus or by clicking on a Tool Bar so you do not have to remember any commands (using mouse). More experienced users can invoke many commands with a single or double-key stroke (hot keys). If you have a problem or are not sure about something you can use a context-sensitive, on-line help by pressing F1 key.

You can customize some features of Vision Edit. You can change the colors of edit windows, dialog boxes and other elements of the user interface. If you are used to another editor you may want to modify hot-key commands - Vision Edit will then behave like the editor that you are familiar with.

Vision Edit allows printing files. You can define various printer settings in a Print Options dialog box. You can also define headers and footers.

Vision Edit provides you with a large number of editing functions that are grouped in several categories e.g. Box Commands, Block Commands etc. They can all be found in KeyCmds? menu. Vision Edit's Macro capabilities allow you to automatize your repetitive editing tasks.

Vision Edit contains several useful additional features: File Manager word processor facilities for E-Mail traffic Print Mangager Calculator


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