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 ASCII text editor for DEC systems modeled after WPS-PLUS

 Author:   Dale E. Coy
 Manual:   http://www.sysworks.com.au/disk$axpdocjun043/office/dh24aa38.bkb
 Family:   DecFamily
 Platform: DEC PDP-11, VAX
 License:  Commercial

from decus:

                          WPE Editor Version 5.2
                          (WPS+ for ASCII Files)
                        Including the MORE utility

NOTE: WPE V5.2 is designed for VMS V5.0 thru 5.2 - it will not work with VMS V4.x. Differences between this version and previous versions of WPE are documented in the file WPEV5_DIFF.TXT

WPE is a full (well, almost) implementation of WPS-PLUS (TM) for use on ASCII files. Its advantage is that the user who uses WPS+ has essentially the same keyboard interface to WPE.

WPE is, in its own right, an extremely powerful text editor. It is layered on TPU and EVE, and is extendable. It's easy to "get started", full on-line help is provided, as well as extensive user documentation.

Features include:

WPE works efficiently with DM (also in this submission). Instructions are provided on how to use WPE as your VMS Mail editor.

WPE V5.2 has been tested with versions of EVE and TPU shipped with VMS versions from 5.0 through 5.2. Efforts were made to provide compatibility with DECWindows, but WPE has not been tested in a DECWindows environment.

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