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 Web development editor for mobile devices 

 Author:   Welant.com
 Homepage: http://www.welant.com/android_applications.html 
 Family:   AndroidEditorFamily
 Platform: Android
 License:  Freeware and Shareware 

Lots of work or lots of ideas? Do you want to design websites while staying in your comfortable armchair? Now you can do that on your Android tablet or mobile phone! Webmaster's HTML Editor is a "handheld" IDE for designing websites.

Entering text on a mobile phone or tablet computer is pretty challenging, so we furnished our application with the buttons for quick input of text elements; besides, we implemented syntax highlighting and code completion. Surely, all these things and the Undo/Redo? feature can greatly speed up your work with the source code! When you are designing the website, the Quick Preview feature lets you easily check the result of editing the HTML or CSS code.

Our application can handle the following formats: PHP, HTML, CSS, TXT, and JavaScript.

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