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Evaluating TextEditors is arduous work. Although I'd love to write a review on each (because I really enjoy using/exploring text editors), the reviews would be extremely biased and probably never get done.

Why not let the user community dialog and discuss them to get the best possible information?

WikiWiki makes this possible.

One rule of thumb: Respect others in all you write. For example, we do not discriminate for or against Open Source vs Proprietary software this site. We believe in the freedom of choice and the inherent diversity of the programming community. Please don't use this site as a place to wage an OpenSourceJihad?.

So, contribute your insight, commentary, opinions and develop this resource. Don't forget to sign the GuestBook when you are done!

-- RonPerrella

November 4th, 2004:

The index page of this wiki was defaced by some XXX hooligans. I have removed that trash immediately upon noticing it. If this is what you do, please consider that this website is not adult oriented and that children might view this data. Please be considerate.


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