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 A clone of the ACME IDE from BellLabs.

 Maintainer:   OzanYigit?
 Homepage:     http://www.cs.yorku.ca/~oz/wily/
 Family:       OberonEditorFamily
 License:      Open source
 Availability: Yes
 Plaform:      Windows, Unix

Wily's simplicity derives from having few features. However, these features are quite general, have few complicating exceptions and combine well together. Every piece of text on screen can be interacted with in exactly the same way. Part of Wily's power emerges from being able to combine a few simple primitives in arbitrary combinations (like chess or go).

Wily also encourages the use of other tools from the Unix toolchest. It is easy to build a set of (for example) HTML processing tools that work well with Wily.

This is a great example of what we call the UnixToolsPhilosophy yet it allows you to SpendAllDayInTheEditor.

Wily has been mostly deprecated now that the real ACME is available on *NIX systems as part of Plan 9 from User Space: http://plan9.us

It reminds me of the windowing environment for [Oberon] -- RonPerrella


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