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 WordStar sytle text editor and formatter

 Author:   Martin Vieregg
 Homepage: http://www.writeandset.com/english/indxf.html
 Family:   WordStarFamily OS/2EditorFamily
 Platform: Windows OS/2
 License:  WsEdit? - Freeware / WsFormat? - Shareware

Write&Set is a full-featured wordprocessing program with hyphenation, contents creation, footnotes, index, embedding graphics and a lot of more. It is an alternative concept of word processing for people who don't like winword-like programs. Word processing with Write&Set divides the job of producing a document in two parts: editing unformatted text and - later - formatting and printing. These to parts of the job are done by separate programs: WSedit is the 'editor' and WSformat the 'typesetter'. This concept simplifies word processing and enables you compiling a single document with hundreds of pages without any problems. Nevertheless, both programs are designed to work together like dialog windows in a single program: Write&Set.

 Screenshot: Windows                       

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