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 wyoEditor is a cross-platform editor based on the Scintilla editor component. 

 Author:    Otto Wyss
 Homepage:  http://wyoguide.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=editor.html
 Family:    ScintillaEditorFamily
 Platforms: Win32, Mac OS/X, POSIX, Linux
 License:   Open source

The editor has the usual features like fast editing, unlimited undo/redo, syntax colouring, and folding for many different programming languages. It also has a class browser, currently only for C++, and keeps the class/function display updated. The editor allows editing of files in tabbed notebook pages and/or separate top level windows. It supports context-sensitive help of any kind of documentation (e.g. programming framework descriptions) if provided as help files. The editor conforms to the wyoGuide guidelines using the wxWidgets framework.


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