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 Shareware Macintosh word processor for creative writers

 Author:   Marc Zeedar
 Homepage: http://www.stonetablesoftware.com/z-write/index.html
 Family:   MacintoshEditorFamily WordProcessorFamily
 Platform: Mac OS/X
 License:  Shareware

Z-Write is a unique word processor designed for creative writers. In the process of writing a story, writers tend to create dozens or even hundreds of pages of notes, character bios, rewrites, reminders, and bits of research info. Organizing all that material within the linear structure of a traditional word processor is awkward at best.

Z-Write changes all that. It allows you to create an unlimited number of Sections and each Section can have as much or as little text as you'd like. You can create Sections for each of your main characters, with their biographies and other details neatly together. You could use Sections for individual Chapters, if you'd like. Whatever you do, Z-Write makes it easier to find and keep track of a huge amount of divergent material. Best of all, everything's preserved in a single, compact file!


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