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 Z80EMACS is a port of microemacs 3.6 to the CP/M operating system. 

 Author:   Ralph Betza
 Download: http://www.retroarchive.org/cpm/cdrom/SIMTEL/EMACS/BIN/
 Family:   EmacsFamily
 Platform: CP/M
 License:  Open source

Microemacs keeps all data in memory, and CP/M must live in a 64KB address space. By clever use of overlays and byte-squeezing and tuning, Z80EMACS is able to edit files of size 30KB! microemacs 3.6 had no facility for remapping the keyboard bindings. Z80EMACS does it with an offline utility. Z80EMACS uses overlays extensively, but the most frequently used commands are all either in the root segment or in one particular overlay. Since this overlay is usually already in memory, performance is quite good, even when running from floppies. Z80EMACS has the ability to edit multiple files, display multiple windows, and do keyboard macros, among other things. This makes it the spiffiest CP/M editor you could ever hope to see. Z80EMACS comes with source and binaries; it was compiled with AZTEC C, which few CP/Mmers? have, so the binaries are more likely to be useful than the source."

From Craig Finseth's emacs FAQ: http://www.finseth.com/emacs.html#130

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