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 The ZED TextEditor is from Italy. It runs on Unix and is an open source product.

 Author:    Sandro Serafini   
 Homepage:  http://zed.c3po.it/
 Download:  http://sites.google.com/site/texteditors/Home/files/zedds103.zip DOS protected mode binary
 Family:    LinuxEditorFamily   
 Platform:  Unix and dos, tested on: Linux, HPUX, SunOS?, AIX.     
 License:   Open source      

"From a user: ZED is "just my kind of editor: techie, powerful, and configurable...I am hooked." The documentation is sparse which could make ZED's learning curve steeper than necessary (for starters, remember the F1 [help] and F10 [menu] keys). Feature highlights:

Notes: EXE size 225K. 32-bit DJGPP port. No mouse support. GPL. Source available."

There is another Zed spelled with a capital 'Z' but lowercase letters...

It seems to be able to do a lot more than VI. It is multi-window, multi-buffer, and can redefine KeyBindings. It also does color SyntaxHighlighting.

Any Comments?


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