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 GNU Zile, which is a lightweight Emacs clone. Zile is short for Zile Is Lossy Emacs.

 Maintainers: David A. Capello, Reuben Thomas, Sandro Sigala
 Homepage:    http://www.gnu.org/software/zile/
 Family:      EmacsFamily
 Platforms:   Linux, EPOC 
 License:     GPL

"Zile has all of Emacs's basic editing features: it is 8-bit clean (though it currently lacks Unicode support), and the number of editing buffers and windows is only limited by available memory and screen space respectively. Registers, minibuffer completion and auto fill are available. Function and variable names are identical with Emacs's (except those containing the word "emacs", which instead contain the word "zile"!).

However, all of this is packed into a program which typically compiles to about 130Kb."

Clearly, this is part of the EmacsFamily. Intent is to fit Emacs on a floppy disk. Not sure how it fares against other efforts, such as MicroEmacs.
This has changed focus recently - it's now written in Lua and has become a framework for writing editors. Zile now stands for "Zile Implements Lua Editors" and in addition to shipping with an Emacs clone it also has a vi clone.

 That's fascinating.  A similar effort is Mitchell Foicica's TextAdept.  TextAdept uses the Scintilla editor control, but most of the editor is actually written in Lua. --DMcCunney 06/22/16


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