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 A multiwindow text editor from BellLabs. Shares sam's [powerful command language].

 Author:       RobPike
 Paper: - Acme, a user interface for programmers
 Family:       BellLabsFamily OberonEditorFamily
 License:      Open Source
 Availability: Yes
 Platform:     Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Unix, Inferno

It uses a three button mouse and uses it extensively. It ditches the look and feel of modern windowing systems and tries instead to optimize the editing experience. It is rare to have to retype anything in ACME.

The original paper, "Acme: A User Interface for Programmers", is at, and in PDF from

'help' was a precursor of acme:

Acme has been ported to *NIX systems as part of Plan 9 from User Space:

Acme-sac is a reimplementation in Inferno that can run on Windows:


Inspired the clone Wily which has been mostly obsoleted by the Acme port to *NIX systems.

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