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 Programmer's File Editor, a freeware text editor for Windows

 Author:    Alan Phillips, University of Lancaster, Leeds, UK
 Platforms: Windows (16 and 32 bit)
 License:   Freeware

A windows based text editor that makes a great replacement for windows NotePad and WordPad.

It has basic, light-weight features that should work for most people.

You can specify that files are printed with or without page headers, with or without line numbering, and with long lines wrapped or truncated on the right; the page borders are configurable to any width you require. You can print complete files; or only the selected text; or only a specified range of lines.

For printers such as inkjets, that output pages face-up, you can have the files printed in reverse page order, so that the pile in the output tray is automatically in the correct reading order.

In landscape mode, you can print two pages of text side-by-sheet on a sheet, and this can be extended to order the pages so that you can fold a batch of sheets to make a centre-stapled booklet.

The message below was copied from the Author's website: (404)
Development and distribution of Programmer's File Editor has come to an end, and the PFE Web Site is now closed; regrettably time will not permit replying to PFE-related e-mail.

If you are looking for Year 2000 compliance information, see the statement here

The final release of PFE is version 1.01, which is available in versions for Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 3.1x. It's available from a number of major archive sites:

The author's original website is 404, but the PFE site seems to have been reestablished by another University of Lancaster staffer, as above. --DMcCunney

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