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 PSPad is a freeware programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows. 

 Author:   Jan Fiala
 Family:   MicrosoftWindowsEditors NotepadReplacement SynEditEditorFamily
 License:  Freeware
 Platform: Windows

PSPad is helpful if you need to:

Partial list of special features of PSPad

By the way, there are lots of very slick features in PSPad.

My current favorite is called AutoComplete and it is unlike any other one I've seen since you don't have to teach it the autocompletions. It simply finds another word in your document that matches the prefix you have so far. So, if you typed printf() once before, you can type 'pr' followed by control-j (for autocomplete) and voila!

News - The latest stable version of PSPad has been downloaded over a million times! (see announcement on website.)
Note to this entry for PSPad already existed on TextEditors. Your entry now redirects to it. --DMcCunney

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