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The second major version of IBM's E Editor.

 Author:   IBM Corporation
 Homepage: http://www.ibm.com
 Family:   MsDosEditors IbmEditorFamily
 Platform: PC-DOS
 License:  Commercial

Although distributed on an IBM Internal Use Only basis, the editor was widely distributed outside IBM. It was almost certainly the most widely used DOS-based editor in IBM for several years. Often called E because of its family relationship to the previous E editor, E2 introduced a Rexx-like programming language that allowed E2 to be used as a testbed for the early-development of syntax-directed editing capabilities that helped to drive the success of later versions of the E Editor family, including SlickEdit. The programmability also allowed E2 to be used as an application development environment, and a number of other applications, including survey tools and a prototype word processor, were developed on the platform.

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