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Welcome to http://TextEditors.org, your home for text editor reviews, analysis, and commentary by the community at large. Home of the largest collection of text editor information on the web. This site is as inclusive as possible. Any platform, any OS, any chip, any language, etc. There's plenty of room for everyone. If it's a text editor that runs on a computer, the wiki wants to document it.

This is a WikiWiki site which means that anybody can create/make/delete entries. I hope this means we will build a healthy community around the issues that matter most to us. So far, we've collected 1,812 text editors listed in the EditorIndex. -- RonPerrella

Note to contributors: Thanks for adding information to TextEditors. Please take a look at other entries to see the standard format we apply before adding an entry, and think about what [families] it might be part of. Also, please create a userid for yourself, and add yourself to the Contributors list so we know who is helping out here. --DMcCunney
Note to spammers: Don't bother. This is a low traffic wiki few read, and I check daily and remove spam, so it won't be here long enough for anyone to see. You're just wasting your time posting your links here. --DMcCunney

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