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 The Crimson text editor is a freeware editor for MicrosoftWindows.

 Author:   Ingyu Kang 
 Homepage: http://www.crimsoneditor.com/
 Family:   MicrosoftWindowsEditors
 License:  Freeware
 Platform: Windows

It has medium-end features like:

No longer developed or maintained. See discussion below screenshot.


Inactive Development

Development was a one-man effort by Ingyu Kang. Although the support mailing list is still active, development has stopped recently (Most recent 3.70 Release was back in September 2004). Ingyu Kang was unreachable for a long time and the source code was not available. But on December 30, 2006 he released the source code for Crimson Editor as "open source".

The source zip file is reachable from the download page of the Crimson Editor website, and compiles under Visual Studio 6 (C++). The licensing terms are unknown, and no mention of it appears in the source; The binary download links says "please distribute it to your friends without any modification", which no longer makes sense if the software is supposed to be open source. Its not clear whether any developers are intending to re-establish a coordinated development project working from the released crimson code.

Before the release of the source code, users (paricularly Peter Spicer) [started an initiative] to recreate something similar to crimson editor, as an open source project named "[emerald editor]" (nothing created yet)


Column mode

This is the only editor I know of other than UltraEdit that has a ColumnMode that allows for a columnar interactive insert. Outstanding!

It could use a real MacroLanguage to give it some umph!

I USED TO install it on all of my PC computers. Now, I use PSPad. Check it out! --RonPerrella

Author died?

Ingyu Kang died on 16 Dec. 2005. Before his death, he passed on the source code to a friend named Jacky, who thoughtlessly decided to reformat the hard drive. He says, "it slipped my mind about the [Crimson Editor] sources stored on my PC." What, no backup files either?

He concludes, "I'm really sorry for this. So I strongly suggest you start using MS FrontPage? from now on as CE is as dead as a dead goat." Full details on the [CE message forum]. (EricPement)

No-one has been able to either confirm or deny the above rumour, posted back in 2005, although two messages have come to light since which suggest that Mr. Kang may still be alive. Points of interest:
* The email address of the poster of the above message is in fact a fake address, pointing to an email address @crimsoneditor.com, when even Ingyu Kang himself used (possibly) multiple Yahoo accounts.
* The domain name crimsoneditor.com was renewed in August 2006, though by whom, it is not clear.
* No mention of the above incident has been found anywhere other than by this post, and discussion after it was announced tended to suggest that this is in fact a malicious post rather than a real one - it seems odd that it mentions MS FrontPage? instead of Crimson Editor since CE is not only a web programmer's editor, but indeed for many other languages as well.
-- annon

Well someone, added a source code download to the website. Presumably this was Ingyu Kang, although he didn't confirm or discuss this anywhere. Very mysterious. Almost as mysterious as the motivations of somebody falsely declaring that he is dead! -- Harry Wood 1st Feb 2007

The EmeraldEditor home page states that they have the source, and plan to put it up under Subversion. However, they've decided their design goals are better met by recoding from scratch rather than trying to enhance the existing code.

The last public distribution of CrimsonEditor is available from the EmeraldEditor site.


As of SEP 2008, paypal still accepts payments for crimsonware@yahoo.com, so someone may be collecting money for the use of the program. Perhaps that is what still pays for the website and the domain costs?

--Zonker Harris

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