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DMcCunney is principal site maintainer and a collector of text editors.

My first text editor was a product called ACEP, which was a third-party replacement for TSO/SPF running on IBM mainframes under the DOS, OS/VS1, and MVS operating systems. When the shop I worked for installed "real" TSO/SPF, I thought it was a step backward.

I've also used text editors on DEC minicomputers, various flavors of Unix, IBM PCs, and other things. In the process, I became fascinated by editor design, and am always happy to see new ones. I think I have 150 or so for various platforms stashed away on various floppies.

I learned WordStar back in the days when it was the second editor you learned, because it might be the only thing available on the PC you were working on. I kept up fluency in it because many editors in MS-DOS days either used or could be told to use WordStar commands, and used WordStar commands in GNU Emacs to avoid retraining my fingers.

I've used most of the same editors RonPerrella has, though not necessarily on the same platforms.

These days, I spend most time in vi as a Unix admin, with occasional side-trips to Emacs. On the PC, I like Don Ho's Notepad++ and Anthony Phillip's old Programmer's File Editor, along with Skip Bremer's old Notespad, but I have about 130 installed to play with.

I particularly like Eric Meyer's VDE, and have a special fondness for tiny editors that pack power into small size, like Dr. David Nye's E.Com, Brian Kelly's TM, Tim Baldwin's T, Russell Nelson's Freemacs, and Joe Applegate's cse.

I can be reached at Dennis dot McCunney at GMail dot com

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