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 Shareware Japanese HTML and programmer's text editor

 Author:       Tomohiro Norimatsu 
 Homepage:     http://www.rimarts.co.jp
 Family:       HTMLEditorFamily
 Platform:     Windows
 License:      Shareware


Dana is described as "the advanced text processor for Windows" by its parent company, RimArts Software Laboratory in Japan. I first heard about it as the recommended editor for creating DHTML web pages in Dynamic HTML Web Magic, by Jeff Rouyer (New Riders, 1998).

Supports bookmarks, syntax highlighting, unlimited undo and redo, automatic backup, automatic mirroring, and a programmable macro language to create extensibility. Website offers a "30-day free trial" but no info on the cost of this (apparently) commercial software, or even any way to purchase it! Not very commercial, I think. (EricPement)

The registration fee is $30, mentioned on the page at the site, and registration is via a bundled REGISTER.EXE program that communicates with the payment processor used by the developers. --DMcCunney


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