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This is meant to be a comprehensive list of TextEditors regardless of classification. Every editor in this collection of reviews should be listed below. Another way to view this site is to use the TextEditorFamilies page to drill down based on lineage.

There are 1,844 editors listed as of March 17th, 2016.

The Alphabetical list

  1. (Hyper)Markup - Open source HTML/XML editor/tidier and XML generator
  2. 010 Editor - Professional Hex Editor with Binary Templates
  3. 0xED - Native OS X hex editor based on the Cocoa framework.
  4. 12Ghosts Notepad - Shareware Windows note taking editor
  5. 1fh - Freeware binary/hex editor for Windows
  6. 1st JavaScript Editor - Shareware Windows JavaScript editor
  7. 3rdRail - Commercial programmer's IDE for Rails development
  8. 4th editor - Open source MS-DOS editor for writing 4th code
  9. 4th GUI - Open source MS-DOS IDE for writing 4th code
  10. 4th RED - Open source Windows IDE for writing 4th code
  11. 920 - Open source text editor for Android
  12. 9ne - A web based code editor, modeled on emacs
  13. A.T.Edit - Another TclTk based text editor for Windows and Linux
  14. AAEMACS - Freeware DOS port of Gnu Emacs using CWSDPMI memory extender
  15. Abdio HTML Editor - Shareware Windows HTML Editor
  16. Abdio PDF Editor - Shareware Windows PDF Editor
  17. ABK Orkut Editor - Open source text editor to create material for posting on Orkut.com
  18. ACE - Open source cross-platform collaborative editor
  19. Ace - Open source web hosted code editor
  20. ACE (MS-Dos) - Text editor for MS-Dos (1985)
  21. ACF Notes - Freeware Windows text editor with MDI interface
  22. Acharya - Open source editor for Bengali and other Indian languages
  23. ACiDDraw - ANSI/ASCII Editor for MS-DOS
  24. ACIDE - Free IDE for embedded development on Atmel procesors using JavrBasic???, AvrAsm???, and AVR GCC
  25. ACME - A multiwindow text editor from BellLabs (see also Wily) that runs on Plan 9 and Unix
  26. Acme-SAC - Open source, standalone editor/shell/user interface based on ACME
  27. ACPI Studio - Open source IDE for SCPI language development
  28. ADAM - Extended version of EVE
  29. AD-EDIT - Small text editor, DESQview-aware (1988)
  30. ADEPT - Enhanced system editor on later Wang VS systems
  31. Adie - Cross-platform text editor using the Fox Toolkit
  32. AdminScriptEditor - Shareware Script Editor for Windows Admins
  33. Adobe InDesign - Adobe's desktop publisher program
  34. Adobe Pagemaker - Formerly Aldus Pagemaker, now owned by Adobwe
  35. AE (Another Editor) - Text editor for MS-DOS compatibles, written in Turbo Pascal. (1992)
  36. AE Asm - A tiny editor for Assembly language coding
  37. AE - A TextFolding editor for Linux, Unix, OS/2 and Windows
  38. AEdit - Freeware word processor for Windows from AxArt?
  39. AEDIT - Intel's text editor for iRMX (and other) now abandonware!
  40. AEditor - A syntax highlighting editor written in Ruby
  41. Aedit-PCMag - Small menu driven editor from PC Magazine
  42. AEdiX - Freeware Windows editor with Pascal scripting engine
  43. aee - Open source Linux text editor for X-Windows
  44. AeroNotes - Open source Windows notepad using Vista Aero Glass technology
  45. AEWAN - Ascii-art Editor Without a Name for Linux and FreeBSD
  46. Ahed - Freeware editor for MsDos, sank without a trace
  47. AHKPad - Open source editor for AutoHotkey scripts
  48. AIDE - Java IDE for Android in free and premium versions
  49. AkelPad - Open source plain text editor
  50. akjseditor - Open source JavaScript editor that runs in IE
  51. Aladin HD - MSX text editor
  52. aled - Alan's editor for MsDos
  53. ALittleHTML - Freeware HTML editor based on domiNote
  54. Alleycode - Freeware web development editor for Windows
  55. Alpha Editor - Open source Windows editor for creating batch files
  56. Alpha - A TCL based editor for Unix
  57. Alpha-OS/2 - Freeware multi-document highlighting editor based on Alpha software analysis program
  58. AlphaTK - Cross-platform programmer's editor in TclTk
  59. AlphaWord - Built-in editor on the Alphasmart Dana PalmOS device
  60. ALTER - Intel MDS text editor of the AEDIT family
  61. Altova XML Spy - Commercial validating XML editor and debugger
  62. Amaya - The W3C consortium's open source web browser and editor
  63. AME - A Minimal Editor in TclTk source form
  64. AMEME - A Minimally Extended Minimal Editor in TclTk source form
  65. AmigaWriter - A word processor for Amigas
  66. AMIS - Open source Swedish Emacs implementation for DEC systems in Pascal
  67. AMX - Desktop publishing program for BBC Micro, others
  68. Anaconda - Open source multi-window editor which cn minimize to the tray
  69. Anansi - Freeware project oriented HTML editor for Windows
  70. Android Studio - Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA
  71. Android Ted - Freeware lightweight text editor for Android
  72. Android TextEdit - Simple Android notepad app to open, edit and save text files to and from the SD card
  73. Android Web Editor - Web editor for Android in freeware and shareware versions
  74. An-Editor - A simple text editor for MS-DOS (1993)
  75. AngelWriter - Freeware Rich Text Editor for Windows
  76. Anjuta - Open source Gnome Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ on GNU/Linux???.
  77. Annotate - Open source text editor for AmigaDOS 4.0
  78. Another Notepad - Shareware Notepad replacement with WordStar command set
  79. ANSI-Draw - Editor for the Amiga designed primary for editing standard ANSI screens
  80. ANSIPIC - Ansi graphics editor for MS-DOS
  81. Antechinus PHP - Shareware PHP editor for Windows
  82. Antechinus - Shareware validating JavaScript editor for Windows
  83. Antenna House XML Editor - Commercial validating XML editor
  84. Anthonys Editor - An Emacs style editor that implements text folding.
  85. ANTLRWorks - ANTLR GUI Development Environment
  86. AnyEdit - Customizable programming IDE based on the Scintilla edit control
  87. aoeui - Lightweight UNIX-friendly editor optimized for Dvorak keyboard layout
  88. Aped - MSX text editor
  89. Apex Text - Cross-platform open source text editor in Java
  90. Aptana - Open source IDE for web development
  91. AptEdit - Shareware Windows Text/HEX/HTML Editor
  92. Aquamacs - Mac-style Emacs for Mac OS X
  93. Arabic Pad - Freeware Unicode editor intended for writing Arabic
  94. Arachnophilia - HTML editor written in Java
  95. Araneae - Extensible freeware web editor for Windows
  96. Aries - Open source windows editor with RTF support, photo manipulation, touch scr3een support
  97. ARPUS Ce - Freeware clone of the Apollo Ce editor, available for many platforms
  98. Asbru Web Content Editor - commercial text editor for embedding in web pages
  99. ASCEDIT - Hexadecimal file editor for the BBC (20k limit)
  100. ASCIIArtStudio - An ASCII editor for ascii art, not ordinary text files
  101. ASCII-Editor - A Windows program for creating and processing ASCII art
  102. asdfg - QWERTY edition of aoeui, a lightweight UNIX-friendly editor
  103. ASED - A TclTk IDE
  104. AshEdit - Small basic Notepad alternative
  105. Asm Builder - Open source IDE for Win32 Assembler development
  106. AsmIDE - Open source IDE for Assembly language development for Freescale 68hc11 and 68hc12 processors
  107. ASMLight - Open source Windows IDE for NASM
  108. Assembler Edit - A simple Windows assembly language editor with procedure templates
  109. Astyle CSS Editor - Freeware CSS editor for Windows
  110. AtariWriter - Atari word processor for the 400/800/XL/XE
  111. AtariWriter Plus - Atari word processor
  112. Atlantis - Shareware alternative to Microsoft Word
  113. Atom.io - Open source text editor developed by GitHub
  114. ATPad - Open source tabbed Notepad replacement
  115. atto Smallest functional Emacs in less than 2000 lines of C (derived from Anthonys Editor)
  116. ATTO - Tiny (16K) open source line editor
  117. August - Open source HTML editor written in TclTk for UNIX/Linux?
  118. Aurel RTF Editor - Freeware RTF editor, written in BASIC
  119. Aurora - Fast text editor for DOS and Win32 console
  120. Authorea - Online editor for collaborative scholarly article writing
  121. Avenir - "The Writer's Workshop" for Mac OS/X
  122. AviHex - Hex-Editor for files larger than 2 GB
  123. aVim - Shareware Android editor modeled after vi/Vim?
  124. avrLab - Open source IDE for the AVR microcontroller family
  125. Avro Editor - A editor for Avro Binary formatted files
  126. AvsP - A text editor for creating AVISynth scripts
  127. AWS - Program for creating DOS based text document diagrams (originally was ASCII2)
  128. AXE - A hex editor/analysis tool
  129. aXe - Simple open source mouse based text editor for X-Windows
  130. AXRScan - Freeware hex editor for Windows
  131. AYATE - Freeware windows text editor with large file support
  132. B2hedit - Tiny hex editor from the author of TheGun, TopGun, and QuickEditor
  133. BabyDevelop - Open source Cross-platform IDE based on Qt for C, C++, and Qt development
  134. Backbone TextEdit - Text editor component of the Linux Backbone desktop project
  135. BackEdit - Scriptable editor for programmers and web designers
  136. BaKoMa TeX - Shareware Windows editor for LaTeX
  137. Banjon - Open source English to Bengali encoder and editor
  138. BarrysEmacs - A freeware Emacs clone, intended for Windows users
  139. Bash HTML Editor - Shareware HTML editor aimed at hand coders
  140. BASIC IDE - Open source IDE for the RapidQ? programming language
  141. Basic4 - Open source Windows BASIC language for game programming with integrated IDE
  142. BatMaster - Text editor designed primarily to support creation and maintenance of DOS batch files
  143. BBEdit - The most popular text editor for Mac OS
  144. BDVNotepad - a Windows notepad replacement
  145. Be.HexEditor - Hex editor that opens every file
  146. BE - Andy's folding binary editor for DOS, OS/2, Windows, NetWare?, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, SunOS?
  147. Bean - Free, open source word processor for OS/X using Cocoa
  148. BEAV - Binary Editor And Viewer for AIX, AmigaDOS, BSD, Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2, UNIX, ULTRIX
  149. Beaver - Simple, lightweight GTK2 editor for Linux.
  150. bed - Variable data format binary editor
  151. Bend - Open source text editor by Microsoft
  152. beride - Open source web bsed IDE for browser based development
  153. Bespin - Mozilla Labs web-based text editor
  154. Bidi Editor - Open source editor bi-directional text
  155. BigFileEditor - Open source editor for very large files
  156. biew - Binary view project
  157. BIM-Edit - Enhanced alternative IBM mainframe editor
  158. Binaryeditor - Open source editor for text, hex, and binary files
  159. Bindesh's Notepad - Freeware windows Notepad replacement with source code
  160. Bingo Text Editor - Shareware editor for MS-DOS
  161. Bipide - Open source IDE for BIP processor development
  162. Bix - An open source text editor written in Java
  163. Black Word - Open source text editor in VB.Net
  164. BlackAdder - Commercial visual development environment for Ruby and Python
  165. BlackBeard - A powerful MsDos TextEditor
  166. BlackWord - Open source text editor in VB.Net
  167. Bless - Open source hex editor in Mono/Gtk??# for Gnome/Linux??
  168. Blochek - Open source MS-DOS editor with Unicode support
  169. Bloodshed Dev-CPlusPlus - Open source IDE for GCC development using MinGW??
  170. BLua - Open source IDE for Lua programming
  171. Bluefish - Programmer's and web developer's editor
  172. BlueJ - Open source IDE intended for teaching object oriented programming in Java
  173. Boa Constructor - Open source cross-platform Python IDE and wxPython GUI builder
  174. BowPad - Open source small and fast text editor with a ribbon user interface and syntax highlighting
  175. Boxer - A programmer's text editor for Windows
  176. BPMNotepad - a Windows notepad replacement featuring auto text scrolling
  177. Brackets - Open source web editor from Adobe
  178. Brainlink - Open source collaborative text editor in Java
  179. BRAVO - Early screen editor from Xerox PARC
  180. Breeze - Popular shareware word processor for MS-DOS
  181. Bricx CC - Open source Windows IDE for RCX brick programming
  182. Brief Perisoft A Brief editor clone from Perisoft, not to be confused with the Original Brief
  183. Brief - A powerful programmable text editor for DOS
  184. Brisk - Open source simple text editor for Windows
  185. BSCBrowser - Open source IDE for working with Microsoft bsc files
  186. Bscite - Open source Brief like editor based on Scintilla
  187. bsed - Binary sed
  188. bvi - Binary ViFamily editor
  189. BVRDE - Open source C/C++ IDE designed to support remote compilation
  190. ByWord - Mac OS/X and iOS full screen text editor for Markdown
  191. BXE - Open source web-hosted XML editor
  192. C PlusPlus Builder - Borland's IDE for C++ programming
  193. Caanoo-Write - Open source text editor for Canoo console game platform
  194. Caditor - Open source Windows text editor in .NET
  195. Cafe - Open source Gtk based text editor using Perl for scripting
  196. CAL - IDE for Plain English programming.
  197. calvin - free, open source limited MS-DOS vi clone
  198. Camelia - Open source cross-platform IDE for OCaml
  199. CAM - Open source XML Editor/Validator?/Designer? with CAMV, written in Java
  200. CANDE - Text editor and command line on Burroughs systems running MCP
  201. Capek - Text editor/processor for 8-bit Atari, based on SpeedScript, mainly for Czech users
  202. Carbon Emacs - A Mac OS/X friendly Gnu Emacs distribution
  203. CardTXT - PalmOS? memo/doc/text editor
  204. Cascade DTP - Freeware HTML and CSS editor for Windows
  205. Castillo - Shareware text editor for Windows
  206. Ccy - Freeware Windows text editor with syntax highlighting
  207. Ce - Editor for Apollo DomainOS? workstations
  208. CE - Open source simple unix text editor
  209. CEDET - Open source Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
  210. cEdit - Open sourrce programmer's editor written in Visual Basic
  211. Cedit - Programmer's editor for PocketPC?
  212. cEditMX - Open source IDE for C, C++, others. Rewrite of cEditPro? for stability and features
  213. cedit-OS2 - Norton Editor emulator for OS/2
  214. cEditPro - Open source IDE for C, C++, others, written in Delphi
  215. Cedric - Text editor for SWTPC 6800/6809 based micros
  216. CeNotepad - Open source remote Windows CE text editor
  217. C-Free - Shareware C development IDE for Windows with support for multiple compilers
  218. cgEdit - Freeware Windows text editor with MDI interface
  219. CH3ETAH - Open source IDE for automating code generation
  220. change - Open source non-interactive editor similar to sed
  221. Cheops' Writer - Quite powerfull text editor for 8-bit Atari with menu system similar to Lotus 1-2-3
  222. Chets Editor - A portable Emacs editor based on MicroEmacs
  223. Chiel - Open source collaborative editor for Windows
  224. Chista - Open source IDE in Java for the Brainf*ck language
  225. Chocolat - Shareware Mac OS/X text editor based on Cocoa
  226. ChScite - Open source IDE for the Ch langiage, based on Sciltilla
  227. CiNotes - Shareware Windows text editor with tree-structured note organizer
  228. CintSciTE - Open source IDE for the Cint C/C++ interpreter
  229. Cizek - Text editor/processor for 8-bit Atari, based on SpeedScript, mainly for Czech users
  230. CKEditor - Open source web based editor control - successor to FCKEditor
  231. Classical - Shareware word processor for scholars
  232. ClearEdit - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement in Delphi
  233. CLEditor - Freeware Windows editor for the IBM AS/400 command language
  234. Climacs - An Emacs implementation in Common Lisp
  235. Cloud9 IDE - Open source web hosted programmer's IDE
  236. CMEditor - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  237. CNC Edit - Shareware text editor for CNC programming
  238. CNotepad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with MDI interface and spell check
  239. CobTree - A free Windows based COBOL outline editor
  240. Cobweb - Freeware simple HTML editor for the Macintosh
  241. Coda - A free Windows syntax highlighting editor
  242. Coda-Mac - Shareware Mac OS/X web editor
  243. Code Browser - A folding text editor for Linux and Windows
  244. Code Crusader - Commercial programmer's IDE for Unix
  245. CodeAssistor - Open source, cross-platform editor based on Scintilla
  246. CodeBlocks - The open source, cross platform Free C++ IDE.
  247. CodeChameleon - Shareware Windows HTML editor, formatter, and code beautifier
  248. CodeDragon - Open source programmer's IDE based on wxWidgets
  249. CodeEditor - Open source non-rich text editor for GNUstep
  250. CodeForge - Commercial C++ development IDE for Unix/Linux?
  251. CodeGenie - Windows programmer's editor - no longer available
  252. CodeLite - Open source, cross-platform IDE for C/C++ programming
  253. CodeLobster - Shareware Windows HTML editor with code folding
  254. CodeMax - Freeware text editor with Lua enhancements
  255. Code Mirror - Open source JavaScript component for in-browser editing
  256. CodePress - Web based source code editor in JavaScript with real time syntax highighting
  257. CodeRoar - Windows folding editor, free for non-commercial purposes
  258. CoderStudio - Open source IDE for Assembly coding, based on Scintilla
  259. CodeSourcery - Commercial GCC IDEs for various targets
  260. CodeWright - Windows text editor, acquired and discontinued by Borland
  261. CodeX Writer - Shareware HTML editor for Windows
  262. CodingEditor - Open source text editor in C#, based on Peter
  263. COED - Screen editor for the Acorn BBC Micro.
  264. CoffeeCup - An HTML editor
  265. ColdFusionPad - Freeware Windows editor for ColdFusion? development
  266. Colossal Typewriter - One of the earliest computer text editors, on a DEC PDP-1
  267. Columnizer - Special program for working with column and row data
  268. Compiler911 - IDE component of a freeware Object Pascal and Assembler compiler
  269. Computerware Editor - Editor for systems based on the Motorola 6800/6809 CPU
  270. Concurrence - Open source networked collaborative editor
  271. CONDOR - IBM mainframe on-line library management and program development system
  272. Conglomerate - Open source Linux and Mac OS/X XML editor
  273. Conroy MicroEmacs - Walter Bright's version of Dave Conroy's original MicroEmacs
  274. ConTEXT - A free Windows programming editor
  275. Cooktop - A free XML editor for Windows
  276. cooledit - Unix programmer's editor, runs under XWindows
  277. CopyWrite - Writer's project manager for the Mac.
  278. CopyWriter - Freeware Rich Text editor with plugins and multiple language support
  279. Coralillo - Open source Python IDE with GUI designer
  280. CoreEditor - Shareware Windows web development editor
  281. CPad - A free Windows programming/HTML editor
  282. Cream - Vim editor repackaged to use CUA look and feel
  283. CreaText - A Mac HTML text editor with some basic and advanced features.
  284. CREDIT - Early full-screen editor for Intel MDS (Intellec) systems.
  285. CREdit - Free Windows programming editor with syntax highlighting and regular expressions
  286. Crimson - A Windows editor
  287. Crisp - A Brief style text editor for Windows and Unix
  288. Crookes - console-mode text editor written in Python
  289. CrossWorks - Commercial Windows IDE for embedded microcontroller programming
  290. CrowTDE - Open source IDE for Tcl/Tk? development written in Tcl/Tk?
  291. Crypt Edit - Freeware Windows Notepad/Wordpad? replacement, with encryption
  292. Cryptditor - Freeware portable Windows editor with AES encryption
  293. cse - Tiny DOS editor with IBM Personal Editor feel
  294. CSharp Studio - Open source Linux IDE for C#/Mono?/GTK#
  295. CSSED - Open source GTK2 based CSS editor
  296. CssEditor - Freeware CSS editor for Windows
  297. CSVed - An editor for Comma Separated Values (CSV) files
  298. CTEST9? - MIT CTSS Context editor for BCD cart image files written by Art Samuel of IBM (1963)
  299. [CTSS ED]? - MIT CTSS BCD Card image context editor (1964)
  300. Cube-J - Open source Java IDE written in Java
  301. Cubepad - Opens source text editor for Cubescript, other languages, and RTF
  302. Cubic IDE - Programmer's IDE based on GoldEd for Amiga OS3 and MorphOS
  303. CutAndPaste - Commodore 64 commercial word processor from Batteries Included Software
  304. CUTE - A Scintilla based editor
  305. CuteHTMLPro - A windows based HTML editor
  306. CWordpad - Freeware Windows Wordpad replacement with spell check and thesaurus
  307. Cyber Notepad - Freeware Windows simple notepad
  308. Cygnus Hex Editor - Shareware hex editor for Windows
  309. CygnusEd - AmigaDOS text editor
  310. Cyril - Text editor for both English and Russian input for MS-DOS
  311. Daisuke-Edit - Open source Windows IDE for developing in TI-BASIC for TI calculators
  312. Dana - A programmer's editor (commercial software)
  313. Darkroom - Windows .NET clone of Mac OS/X WriteRoom
  314. Dart Editor - Open source IDE in Java for coding in the Dart language
  315. Data Workshop - Multi-platform binary editor written in Java
  316. Dav - "Dav Ain't Vi", a Gnu/Linux?? console text editor
  317. DBE Studio - Open source IDE for Digital Business Ecosystem
  318. DBuilder - Open source IDE for D language development
  319. DCode - Simple code editor with support for D syntax highlighting
  320. Dear Diary - Open source Wordpad replacement with encryption
  321. DEC-SED - CRT editor for Digital Equipment systems running TOPS-10 and TOPS-20
  322. Decoda - Open source Lua IDE and debugger for games development
  323. defis - Open source IDE for Python development using wxPython
  324. Delphi For PHP - Codegear's commercial IDE for PHP development
  325. Delphi - Borland's IDE for Object Pascal programming
  326. Demacs - Open source MS-DOS port of Gnu Emacs 18.55 from Japan
  327. Descent - Open source Eclipse plugin for D language development
  328. DeuterIDE - Text editor/IDE for Android and Blackberry development
  329. DevCPlusPlus - Free, open source IDE for GCC compiler suite
  330. Developer's CPP Workshop - Open source Windows IDE for C++
  331. DevMic - Open source IDE for the Small C Device Compiler
  332. DevPad - Android source code editor with FTP support
  333. DevPHP IDE - Free, open source IDE for PHP
  334. Dev-PHP SE - Open source PHP IDE written in Delphi, bsed on DevPHP IDE'''
  335. DHEX - Hex editor with a diff mode
  336. Diakonos - A customizable, usable console-based text editor written in Ruby
  337. D-IDE - Open source IDE for D language development
  338. Diet Coda - iOS version of the Coda web development application
  339. Dingux-Write - Open source text editor for Canoo console game platform
  340. DiskPaper - Combines a graphic and text editor in one program to create ASCII art for MS-DOS
  341. DisplayWrite - IBM word processor on DisplayWriter? machine and mainframes
  342. dit - Open source ncurses based text editorfor Unix
  343. DJOpad - Freeware Windows portable text editor
  344. DME - Open source Amiga editor included with the Dice 68000 compiler
  345. Dockboard - Open source outline editor for authors
  346. DocPad - Freeware skinnable Notepad replacement
  347. DocSynch - Open source collaborative editor framework built on top of IRC
  348. Document.Editor - Open source word processor for Windows in VB.Net/WPF
  349. DocuJot - Freeware replacement for Windows Vista Notepad
  350. Dogfood - Commercial IDE for C++/Fortran<nowiki> development, provided with the <nowiki>PathScale compiler
  351. domiNote - A free Windows editor
  352. DosEdit - The Microsoft MS-DOS / PC-DOS default text editor (edit.exe)
  353. dotView Visual Studio - Open source IDE for dotView PHP framework
  354. DragonEdit - Shareware text/HTML editor for PalmOS
  355. drawTerm - Draws Text Images in Linux Terminals
  356. DreamWeaver - A popular commercial HTML editor by Macromedia
  357. DREDIT - DEC "drum editor" for editing files on magnetic tape
  358. DrJava - Open source IDE for Java development intended for beginners
  359. DroidEdit - Text and code editor for android tablets and phones, in free and paid versions
  360. DrPython - Open source editor for Python development using wxPython and Scintilla
  361. DrScheme - Open source programming environment included with PLT Scheme
  362. dte - Full-screen text editor for Unix with WordStar keymapping
  363. Duh DRAW - Graphic ANSI Editor for linux similar to TheDraw
  364. dxnotepad - Unix X-Windows text editor available for various architectures
  365. DzSoft Perl Editor - Shareware windows Perl editor with syntax highlighting and debugging
  366. DzSoft PHP Editor - Shareware windows PHP editor
  367. DzSoft WebPad - Shareware Windows HTML editor with PHP and ASP syntax highlighting
  368. e - The minimalistest text editor.
  369. e.com - 5K MS-DOS editor by David Nye, MD.
  370. e text editor - Shareware Collaborative Editor for Windows inspired by TextMate; An earlier E for DOS initiates the E family of editors.
  371. E2 - Second major version of IBM's PC-DOS E editor
  372. E3 IBM - IBM's E3 text editor included with PC-DOS
  373. E3 - Open source editor by Albrecht Kliene, for Windows, DOS, Unix and others, emulating WordStar, vi, emacs, pico, and others
  374. E4 Editor - Multi-file text editor for MS-DOS
  375. e7bfc - Open source Windows IDE for Brainf*ck
  376. e88 - An ASM86 editor
  377. e93 - Portable open source editor in TclTk
  378. eArea - A simple web-based WYSIWYG text editor
  379. EasiWriter - Word processor with Sections for RiscOS
  380. EASYEDIT II - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  381. EasyFold - A simple-to-use folding editor
  382. Easymacs - Making Emacs easy for newbies
  383. EasyScript - Commodore 64/128 word processor for the published by Commodore Business Machines
  384. EasyWriter - Early word proxcessor for the Apple ][, later ported to the IBM PC
  385. EBang - Multifiles Text Editor for MS-DOS
  386. Ecce - Edinburgh Compatible Context Editor
  387. eClean 2000 - Shareware Windows editor for cleaning up email replies
  388. Eclipse - A portable IDE in Java originally contributed by IBM.
  389. ecoder - Open source web hosted code editor in PHP and JavaScript
  390. EControl Syntax Editor - Open source text editor based on the EControl edit control
  391. ED - Text editor supplied with Digital Research Concurrent CP/M
  392. ed - Unix line editor
  393. ED-1100 - Text editor on the Sperry 1100 series mainframe
  394. ED-1100-PC - MS-DOS port of the Sperry 1100 ED editor
  395. EDA - Editor intended for large ASCII files for MS-DOS and OS/2
  396. EDASCII - ASCII art editor for Linux
  397. eddi - X11 based editor
  398. EdForWindows - A powerful programmer's editor and IDE for Microsoft Windows-based systems.
  399. Edile - A basic but useful editor implemented in a single Python source code file and requiring no installation.
  400. EDIT FILE - Line editor on CDC machines running NOS (Network Operating System)
  401. EDIT PDP-8 - Line editor on DEC PDP-8 systems
  402. Edit Pro - Java based editor control for execution in a browser
  403. EDIT - Edinburgh Regional Computer Center's command-line editor
  404. EDIT0303 - OS/2 text editor written in REXX
  405. EDIT-32 - Text editor from DecFamily for TSX-32 operating system (and others)
  406. EDIT4 - A very early line editor for the PDP8 from Edinburgh University
  407. EDIT5B - A line editor by Chris Whitfield at Edinburgh
  408. EditBang - Shareware Console mode text editor designed to replace DOS EDIT
  409. EditBone - Open source Windows editor with syntax highlighting, styles, file comparison and more
  410. EditCNC - Shareware editor for text and CNC programming
  411. EDITCNFG - Editor for the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files
  412. EditCrypt - Freeware Windows Notepad repalcement with encryption, web search, and export to PDF
  413. EditD - Windows text editor by author of EditV
  414. Editeur - Shareware Windows editor also available as an Active-X control
  415. EditExt - Shareware text editor with tabbed interface and syntax highlighting
  416. Edith Pro/X11 - Open source multi-platform HTML editor
  417. editha - Open source text editor for iOS
  418. Editing MACroS - RMS's original emacs, written in TECO under ITS
  419. EditiX - XML editor for MacOS???, Linux, Windows
  420. Editize - Shareware cross-platform web hosted rich text editor
  421. EditKit - public domain, small editor for Linux extends edx with other keymappings
  422. EditLive - Commercial web hosted editor for embedded applications
  423. EditMage - Delphi programmers text editor for Windows
  424. EditMan - Freeware Windows text editor with tabbed interface ans syntax highlighting
  425. Editor - Programmer's editor for CP/M originally published in Dr. Dobb's Journal
  426. EDITOR - Standard system editor on Wang VS systems
  427. eDitor - Syntax highlighting editor for D
  428. Editor2 - A text editor for Windows, distributed as part of the 2Xplorer file manager package
  429. EditPadLite - JGSoft's freeware Windows text editor, "lite"version of EditPadPro
  430. EditPadPro - JGSoft's shareware Windows text editor
  431. EditPlug - HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows with plugins
  432. EditPlus for ST - Shareware text editor for the AtariST?
  433. EditPlus - Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows
  434. EditPro - Windows text editor
  435. Editra - Open source multi-platform editor with syntax highlighting and plugins
  436. EditRocket - Shareware Windows programmer's editor
  437. EdiTury - Open source text/hex editor for DOS, Haiku, Linux, Mac OS/X, OS/2, Windows
  438. EditV - DOS editor (like Turbo Pascal Editor)
  439. EDL? - MIT CTSS Line-marked BCD file context editor by Jerry Saltzer (1965)
  440. Edlin - The original MS-DOS line editor
  441. edm - Line editor based on TYPSET running on Multics
  442. EDM - Mark's EDM editor
  443. EDMACS - Editor based on MIT ITS Emacs, written in TECO for DEC systems running RSTS-E
  444. ED-NT - Open source clone of DEC EDT editor for Windows console
  445. ED-Prime - Text editor on Prime Computer Systems running PRIMOS
  446. EdSharp - Open source text editor in C# with support for screen readers
  447. Edt - Open source VMS EDT clone for Linux, Unix
  448. EDT - VAX/VMS, OpenVMS
  449. EDT-BS2000 - Editor on Fujitsu/Siemens BS2000 mainframes and on the Univac 90/60, 90/70 and 90/80 mainframes running the VS/9 Operating System
  450. EdTclCodeEditor - Ed the Tcl Code Editor
  451. EdtPlus - EDT clone for DOS, Windows
  452. Edwin - An Emacs-like editor included in MIT/GNU scheme's distribution
  453. EdWord - Shareware Amiga word processor, now in public domain with source
  454. edx - Tiny editor for Linux GUI with WordStar key mapping
  455. EDXOR - A small freeware Windows editor
  456. EdytorNC - Open source Windows editor for CNC programming
  457. edyuk - Open source, cross-platform IDE for C++ and Qt4
  458. EDZACK - Text editor program written in assembler language for 8086 mode for DOS
  459. ee - Open source Linux text editor using ncurses
  460. ee-Ding - Easy Editor - small Open Source text editor for Linux/Unix?, Windows and MSDOS.
  461. eeditor - Open source 32 bit HTML editor for Windows
  462. EFTalk - A text editor and and audio file player, designed to emulate a dictation machine.
  463. eFTE - Open source lightweight configurable editor based on FTE
  464. eggy - Open source IDE in Python for Unix like systems
  465. EGPad - A replacement for the standard Windows NotePad
  466. ehp - Public Domain HP Unix editor, ported to OS/2, with source
  467. EiffelStudio - Open source IDE for development in Eiffel
  468. EINE - Eine Is Not Emacs, an Emacs editor for Lisp machines
  469. EJE - "Everyone's Java Editor" simple open source Java editor in Java
  470. Ekisko HTML Editor - Freeware portable Windows HTML editor
  471. EKIZ - Editor for Unix and MS-DOS
  472. Electric Pencil - Word processor on early 8-bit mictrocomputers
  473. elEdit - Freeware web editor for Android
  474. ELENA - Open source object oriented language with integrated IDE
  475. ElfData - Mac OS/X XML Editor/validator
  476. Elfima Notepad - Freeware text editor to create PDF, SVG, XML, or XHTML documents.
  477. elle - Elle Looks Like Emacs, open source emacs style editor for Minix
  478. elRTE - Open source web hosted editor using jQuery
  479. Elvis - A cross-platform editor similar to Unix vi
  480. ElyEdit - Ascii - Ansi editor with support for BBS formats for MS-DOS
  481. em - Derivative of ed for screen editing, and ancestor of vi
  482. Emacs HP49G - Partial Emacs implementation for the HP49g calculator
  483. Emacs NeXTstep - Gnu Emacs for NeXTstep
  484. '''emacs-w64 - Third-party build of Gnu Emacs for 64bit Windows
  485. Emacs-IDE - Open source IDE built on Emacs as an Emacs package
  486. EmACT - Emacs clone for MS-DOS, Windows, and PocketPC based on Conroy MicroEMACS
  487. EmbeddedGNU - Open source IDE for C development on Freescale 68hc11 and 68hc12 processors
  488. EmEditor - Unicode Windows programming editor
  489. EmeraldEditor - An OpenSource clone of CrimsonEditor
  490. e-Mtv - Tiny (11k on Windows) open source console mode (curses) text editor for Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS?, and Windows
  491. Encrypted Notepad - Open source Notepad replacement with strong encryption
  492. ENEDTE - Open source French text editor for Linux
  493. EnginSite CSS Editor - Shareware CSS IDE
  494. EnginSite Perl Editor - Shareware Perl IDE
  495. EnginSite PHP Editor - Shareware PHP IDE
  496. enh - Enhanced OS/2 E editor
  497. Enigma - IDE that can create resources (ico - Freeware Rich Text Editor for Windows
  498. ENotas - Spanish language Notepad replacement
  499. Entice Designer - Form design IDE for D language
  500. enveria - Open source RAD IDE for programming GUIs
  501. Environs Editor - Text editor designed especially for programmers
  502. ePad - Freeware HTML editor and Notepad replacement
  503. epcEdit - Freeware multi-platform XML editor
  504. EPIC - Open source IDE for Perl, based on Eclipse
  505. EpicEditor - Open source embeddable editor in JavaScript for Markdown
  506. EPM - OS/2 Enhanced editor
  507. epoch - A fork of Gnu Emacs 18.x to add graphics support and an ancestor of Xemacs
  508. ErgoEmacs - Emacs customized to use a command set similar to Notepad
  509. Eric - full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in python
  510. erlide - Open source IDE for Ellang, built on Eclipse
  511. ErlyBird - Opens source IDE for Erlang/Scala? based on NetBeans
  512. Ermacs - Emacs implemented in Erlang
  513. Ersatz Emacs - Open source minimal Emacs clone based on MicroEmacs 3.6
  514. erwin - A simple text editor for Linux
  515. Espresso - A Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) editor for Macintosh
  516. Estrela - Open source wxLua IDE for Luxin 3D engine and general programming
  517. Etherpad - Open source real-time collaborative editor
  518. EuVide - Open source Windows IDE for Euphoria development
  519. EVE - VAX/VMS TPU based editor
  520. EverEdit - Professional Text and Source Editor for Windows
  521. evi - Macro definitions to make VI emulate emacs
  522. Evolutionary Computing IDE - Open source IDE in Java for evolutionary algorithms
  523. EVOLVEBang - Source code structure editor
  524. evolvED - Freeware programmer's notepad replacement with syntax highlighting
  525. ex - The line editor mode of vi
  526. ExactWord - Shareware rich text editor with tabbed interface
  527. Exchanger XML Editor - Commercial cross-platform XML editor
  528. eXe - Open source eLearning XHTML editor
  529. ExeScript - Shareware VBScript editor/debugger for Windows
  530. Exidy Development PAC - Add-on ROM cartridge with editor for developing CP/M applications on the Sorcerer
  531. Expensive Typewriter - DEC PDP-1 text editor that was arguably the first word processor
  532. EXPRESS - Programmer's editor for CP/M
  533. ExtremeEditor - A hex and text editor for MsWindows?? programmers
  534. ExtremePad - Freeware Notepad replacement with tabbed interface
  535. ez86 - A text editor by and for assembly language programmers
  536. EZEdit - 4K text editor, written in Assembler
  537. EZQuote - Text Editor for Offline Messages
  538. FaceIt - Open source multi-function Rich Client editior in Java
  539. FaME - Open source German text editor with syntax highlighting and Lua scripting
  540. Far Manager - File and ARchive Manager for Windows with integrated editor
  541. FASM - Flat Assembler IDE for Windows
  542. FastEditor - OS/2 VIO mode programmer's editor with macros and REXX support
  543. fb - Open source, cross platform Binary File Viewer, Editor, and Manipulator
  544. FbEdit - Open source IDE for FreeBASIC? development
  545. FBide - Open source IDE for FreeBASIC? programming
  546. FCKEditor - Web based editor requiring no local installation
  547. fe - Open source folding editor with emacs key bindings. Successor to Origami.
  548. febooti - Freeware hex editor for Windows
  549. FED - A Folding Text Editor for Windows, Dos, and Linux.
  550. FerIDE - Open source Java IDE written in Java
  551. FicEdit - French Text editor for PocketPCs?, written in Tcl
  552. FieldBird - Open source tools for Java development including editor and IDEs for J2EE and Android
  553. FileAID - A mainframe tool for editing data files
  554. FillRed - A small and free fixed-length record editor
  555. FinalWord - An MS-DOS and AtariST word processor from Mark of the Unicorn
  556. FINE - FINE Is Not EMACS, An EMACS-like editor for TOPS-10
  557. Firefly3 - Shareware IDE for PowerBasic programming
  558. Firepad - Open source collaborative online editor
  559. First Page - Shareware web development editor
  560. First XLent - Atari word processor
  561. Flamebird - Open source IDE for developmwent in Fenix
  562. FlashDevelop - Open source Windows IDE for Flash, Actionscript, and HaXe? development* Fldev? - Open source, cross-platform lightweight IDE based on FLTK
  563. FlauxText - Tabbed editor written using PyGTK?
  564. Fldev? - Open source, cross-platform lightweight IDE based on FLTK
  565. FlexHex - Full-featured shareware hex editor
  566. Flow - Open source cross=platform * iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows, text editor in Java
  567. Fluxed - Ascii, Ansi drawing program for MS-DOS
  568. FLWriter - Open source text processing program using FLTK
  569. FocusWriter - Open source Linux distraction-free writing environment
  570. FountainPen - Open source writing environment for the Mac
  571. Fox Editor - Text editor based on the SynEdit edit control
  572. FOXE - a full screen editor available on DEC-20
  573. foxe - Free portable XML editor for Windows
  574. Fraise - Open source text editor for Mac OS/X, based on Smultron
  575. Framemaker - Technical documentation authoring system
  576. Fred - Commercial Mac OS/X emacs in Common Lisp
  577. Freddy - An ASCII text editor for Linux using Qt
  578. Free Java - Freeware programmer's IDE in JAva
  579. Free Text - Shareware easy word processor for Windows and Mac OS/X
  580. FreeDOS Edlin - Open source line editor for FreeDOS?
  581. Freemacs - Open source emacs editor for MS-DOS, extensible in MINT langauge
  582. FreePascal - Free, open source IDE and compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal
  583. Fresh - Open source Flat Assembler visual programming IDE
  584. FrexxEd - Freeware Amiga text Editor
  585. Freyja - Open source EMACS like editor for MS-DOS and HP palmtops
  586. Frhed - A free hex editor for Win 9x+
  587. FS Hex Editor - Modified version of Frhed to work with HexView?
  588. FSE Plus - IBM mainframe editor, data set manager, file list and job output previewer facility
  589. FSE - Full screen editor on CDC machines running NOS (Network Operating System)
  590. FTE - Folding text editor for OS/2, Win32 console, DOS, Linux console, and XWindows
  591. FTPEdit - Freeware Windows editor to edit files on FTP sites
  592. FTPEditor - Shareware editor for remote edit via FTP
  593. FunWrite - Shareware "fill in the blanks" word processor for kids
  594. Fusion Text - Open source text editor component of Fusion Office
  595. Fuzzy Duck Note - Freeware Tray resident note utility with calculator
  596. FWE - Future Wave Editor - shareware Japanese editor for OS/2
  597. fxite - Open source extensible text editor, based on Scintilla
  598. G - Open source editor for MS-DOS and Unix with WordStar command set, regular expressions, and macros
  599. gbText - Freeware windows text editor with 40 text manipulation functions
  600. gbuilder - Open source lightweight IDE for C/C++ development in Gnome or KDE
  601. GClisp - Open source Linux IDE for Clisp development
  602. ge - Tiny Linux GUI editor using GTK
  603. Geany - Lightweight IDE based on GtK2?? toolkit and Scintilla component
  604. ged - Open source lightweight text editor in Python and GTK 2.0
  605. GEdit - The official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment
  606. Gel - Freeware lightweight IDE for Java development
  607. GenDoc - An XML editor written in Java
  608. Genie Jython - Open source IDE for Jython programming
  609. GEODE - Open source Linux IDE for ESI Objects development
  610. George - Text editor on ICL 1900 Series minicomputer under the George 3 Operating System
  611. GEOS Write - Commodore 64 graphical word processor component of the GEOS environment
  612. GHex - Hex editor for GNOME
  613. 'Gideros - Open source cross platform games development in Lua
  614. ginipad - Open source Java programming IDE in Java
  615. GLeDitor - Open source Windows text editor in Delphi using the Syn edit control
  616. Glimmer - Open source text editor for Gnome/Linux?
  617. gmanedit - Gnome editor for man pages
  618. GNAT - The GNAT Programming Studio
  619. GNOME - Another Microemacs derivative
  620. gnotepadPlus - Open source HTML and text editor for systems using Gtk or Gnome
  621. GnuEmacs WinCE - Port of Emacs 20.7 to Windows CE
  622. GnuEmacs - the big daddy of all EmacsFamily editors (free software)
  623. gobby - Open source collaborative editor for Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows
  624. GoInEdit - Text Editor, IDE for every programming languages on Linux.
  625. GoldEd - Another text editor for Commodore Amigas
  626. GoodWord - Open source text editor for Linux/Qt?
  627. Google Docs - Online document processing from Google
  628. GP2X-Write - A Text Editor for GP2X v1.1.0
  629. gPHPEdit - PHP/HTML/CSS development environment for Gnome 2.X
  630. Greenpad - Free, open source Japanese Notepad replacement with Unicode, RegEx?, and Syntax highlighting support
  631. GridinSoft Notepad - Shareware Windows Notepad replacement with code folding
  632. GRIEFEdit - Open source clone of Brief
  633. Groovy - Shareware hex editor for Windows
  634. gtk2edit - Open source Unicode editor using Gtk toolkit
  635. GUI Octave - Open source Windows IDE for Gnu Octave
  636. Guiguts - Open source PerlTX? text * iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows, editor for Project Gutenberg texts
  637. Gusek - Open source Win32 IDE for LP/MILP, based on SciTE
  638. GV TextEditor - Freeware Text Editor for MS-DOS using Graphic Vision graphics environment
  639. GwdEditor - Editor for Java, C++, and Euphoria. has tabs, syntax highlighting, and runs in Windows.
  640. Gypsy - Commercial text editing system from Xerox PARC, based on BRAVO
  641. GYZEditor - Tree-Structured Rich Document Editor and Viewer
  642. HABEdit - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with hex editing
  643. HABPad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with hex viewer
  644. Hack - An open source hex editor with REXX scripting
  645. Hackman Suite - A shareware tool package including a hex editor, disassembler, and other functions
  646. Handpad - Donationware tray resident Notepad for Windows
  647. HandyHTML Studio - Shareware Windows HTML Editor
  648. HAPedit - Html Asp Php editor
  649. Haxial TextEdit - Freeware Unicode text editor for Windows and Macintosh
  650. Hayagreeva - Open source Windows text editor for Indic text
  651. HDL Designer - Commercial HDL design IDE from Mentor Graphics
  652. HEdit Yuri Software - Shareware hexadecimal editor for binary files
  653. Helene - A syntax highlighting text editor in javascript.
  654. Help and Manual 5 - Commercial XML authoring system for Windows
  655. help - Combination editor/shell/user interface for Bell Labs Plan 9 OS 1st Edition
  656. Heme - Fast and portable console hex editor for unix systems
  657. Hemlock - emacs editor embedded in CMUCL Common Lisp implementation
  658. Henshoo - Freeware text/HTML editor for Windows
  659. Heraia - Hexadecimal file editor based on the GtkHex? Widget from Ghex project
  660. Herkulez - Open source IDE in Java* iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows, for Brainf*ck programming
  661. Hex Fiend - A fast and open source hex editor for Mac OS X
  662. HexCmp2 - Shareware Windows hex editor and binary file comparator
  663. HexCurse - A versatile ncurses-based hex editor
  664. HexDataEdit - Shareware binary data editor for Windows
  665. Hexditor.jar - Free and powerful hexadecimal editor written in java
  666. HexEd - A small, portable hex editor for multipe platforms
  667. HexEdit (ECS) - Shareware Hex Editor for Windows
  668. HexEdit (GP) - Free hex editor for Windows
  669. HexEdit Mac - A hexadecimal file editor for the Macintosh
  670. HEXEDIT - View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII on Linux
  671. HexEdit - Windows Hex Editor from James Brown
  672. HexEditorVB - Open source hex editor in Visual Basic
  673. hexel - An advanced Linux hex editor for character-based terminals
  674. HexIt - A hex editor for DOS and Windows
  675. Hexprobe Hex Editor - Hex Editor and Hex-Byte Viewer
  676. HexSource - A Hex editor shipped with SourceEdit
  677. HexStar - a freeware hex editor for Windows
  678. HexTool - A binary file editor with tools
  679. HexWorkshop - Shareware Hex Development tools for Windows
  680. HGEdit - Open source Notepad replament written in Java
  681. HhdHexEditor - a Hex editor for Wi* iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows, ndows
  682. hIDE - Open source IDE fo C, C++, and Java development
  683. HIDE - Open Source IDE in Assembler for HLA coding
  684. HiEditor - HiEditor - Editor based on the HiEdit? control
  685. hiew - Hex viewer from russia (see also biew)
  686. HippoEDIT Shareware Windows text editor for power users
  687. Hippy - Open source IDE for Motoro* iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows, la 6800 processor development
  688. HM NIS EDIT - Open source IDE for Nullsoft NSIS scripts, written in Delphi
  689. HomeSite - HTML editor, now distributed with Macromedia MX Studio
  690. HomeText - Atari word processor component of HomePak editor/terminal/file manager package
  691. HotHTML 3 Pro - Shareware web development platform
  692. HP EDIT - A standard editor on HP-3000 mini-computers running MPE
  693. HPUXDEE - HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse - successor to SoftBench
  694. HT Editor - A file editor/viewer/analyzer for executables.
  695. HtmlKit - (aka HTML-Kit) an HTML editor that's expandable too
  696. HTMLPad - Shareware Windows HTML/CSS/Javascript?/XHTML editor
  697. Hurricane - Shareware programmer's editor with tabbed interface and syntax highlighting
  698. hview - A Linux curses based hex editor designed to work with large (600+MB) files
  699. HxD; - Freeware Windows hex editor handling any size file
  700. Hybrid Editor XE - ISPF-like editor that runs on OS, DOS,OS/2,Windows, Linux and AIX
  701. HyperEdit - An HTML editor for OS/X
  702. i.Hex - Small and free graphical Hex Editor for Windows.
  703. IA Writer - Simple text editor for iOS and Android
  704. IbmProfessionalEdit - An IBM text editor for MS-DOS
  705. iBored - Hex editor for disk sectors and files (formerly released under the name rohPod)
  706. ICCF - the text editor for DOS, VSE
  707. ICHI - Editor designed for program code maintenance
  708. IDA Editor - Full screen editor for CDC-6600 machines running the IDA-CRD OS
  709. IDE.PHP - Web based editor fror development of server-side code
  710. idePS - Open source IDE environment for developing Postscript code
  711. IDEDroid - Android client for the ideone.com service
  712. Ie - An extended dos (32 bit) text editor
  713. IE - Interactive Editor
  714. IEdit Text Editor - Shareware text editor for Android
  715. IEDIT - Interactive mainframe development environment for APL
  716. iEdit - OS/2 Editor like E with REXX support and import/export
  717. IGMUS - Open source IDE and language for games development
  718. igtEditor - A simple HTML editor for PocketPCs?
  719. IL Textedit - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with RTF and large file support
  720. INed - Interactive Corporation's editor derived from NED
  721. Inedita - Notepad replacement with a multi-tabbed interface
  722. iNetWord - Online fully functional word processor
  723. InfoDock - Open source IDE built on Xemacs
  724. Infopad - Open source DOS editor with Borland Turbo Vision interface
  725. INI Editor - Shareware Windows text editor for INI files
  726. INIWorks - Windows INI file editor (command line)
  727. Ink - Simple DOS word processor that fits in 64K of RAM
  728. Ink Bar - Open source Android text editor/note taker
  729. Insight - shareware Windows text editor with tabbed interface, outlining, and RTF support
  730. IntelliJ IDEA - Commercial Java development IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux
  731. InternetNotePad - Shareware Windows notepad for editing web pages
  732. inType - Shareware Windows programming editor with tabbed interface
  733. ISPF - IBM's s390 architecture mainframe editor
  734. Itautec Redator - Brazilian Text Editor (Portuguese) for MSDOS
  735. iTeXMac - Integrated TeX environment for Mac OS/X
  736. iXedit - Open source validating XML editor for Windows,
  737. J Builder - Borland's IDE for Java programming
  738. J.o.o.d.a - Open source object oriented Jaa IDE in Java 1.3
  739. J - A Java based text editor
  740. Jabberwocky - Opens source, cross platform IDE in Java for Lisp development,
  741. Jano - Open source text editor for the Amiga
  742. Jarte - Freeware Windows word processor based on Wordpad
  743. JasmineIDE - Open source IDE for Java developmnt written in Java
  744. JASSPA MicroEmacs - JASSPA fork of Lawrence MicroEmacs 3.8
  745. Java Simple Editor - Open source simple text editor in Java, intended as coding demo
  746. javahexeditor - Open source Hex editor in Java
  747. JavaIDEDroid - Onboard IDE for Java development on Android
  748. Jave - Java Ascii Versatile Editor for drawing simple diagrams
  749. Jaxe - A Java based XML editor configurable by XML schema
  750. JBoss - Open source Java IDE for Java development
  751. JCreator - Programmer's IDE for Java development
  752. JDarkRoom - Freeware Full Screen Java Text Editor
  753. JDeveloper - Oracle's Java IDE
  754. je - Open source text editor in Java
  755. JED - Multiplatform text editor by John E. Davis. Runs on UNIX, VMS, DOS, and Windows platforms.
  756. JEDI Editor - Open Source programmer's editor wtitten in Delphi
  757. JEdit - free programmer's editor written in Java (Unix, Windows, many platforms)
  758. Jeditpad - Simple text editor in Java with FTP and Email support
  759. JeHep - Open source editor in Java with on-the-fly spell check
  760. JellyFishFB - a freeware editor for FreeBasic? programmers
  761. JellyFishPro - a freeware editor for PowerBasic programmers
  762. JEmacs - An implementation of Emacs in Java, Scheme, and ELisp
  763. JERED - Full page text editor for Unix, based on the text editor E from IBM
  764. Jers Novel Writer - Shareware word processor for Macintosh aimed at long documents
  765. Jext - Open source text editor written in Java
  766. JFE - Jen's File Editor
  767. JGR - Open source GUI for the R statistics language, written in Java
  768. jGRASP - a CSE and UML editor
  769. JIDE - Open source Linux IDE in C++ fwith wxWidgets or Java development
  770. Jigsaw - Open source Java IDE for students learning Java
  771. jim - The precursor to the Sam editor, written by Rob Pike for the Plan 9 OS
  772. JOE - Joe's Own Editor (Unix, others?)
  773. Jota - Commercial Android text editor
  774. JotAzul - Open source object oriented Java IDE in Java
  775. Jove - Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs
  776. Jpad - Freeware windows text editor for Java development
  777. JS Designer - Open source web based IDE for web development in PHP and JavaScript
  778. JSource - Open source IDE for JAva developmwent in Java and Swing
  779. jsvi - Open source web-based editor in JavaScript, modeled on vi
  780. JUDO - Open source Java IDE for kids and beginners
  781. JuffEd - Open source cross-platform tabbed text editor based on Scintilla
  782. JujuEdit - Very large file support (opens from disk), 4 binary modes, Win32
  783. [jupp] - A version of JOE from MirBSD?
  784. jVi - Vim emulation for the NetBeans and JBuilder Java IDEs
  785. JWPce - Open source word processor for writing in Japanese
  786. JWrite - Windows text editor for large files
  787. JX Editor - Open source Linux console editor using ncurses
  788. KAKE PAD - Cross-platform text editor in Perl and Tk
  789. Kandupidi Tamil Editor - An online Tamil Unicode Text Editor
  790. KankowskiEdit - Windows-based notepad replacement
  791. Kate - Unix/Linux?? KDE Editor
  792. Katy - A text editor for KDE, inspired by UltraEdit
  793. Kavvi - Freeware multi-language editor for Windows
  794. KDevelop - Open source development IDE for KDE
  795. kebap nedit IDE - Open source IDE based on eedit for Perl development
  796. KED - editor on DEC RT-11 operating system
  797. KEDIT - an XEDIT clone for DOS
  798. KEncoder - Open source IDE for C++ using KDE and Qt
  799. Kephra - Open source Windows text editor based on Scintilla and Perl
  800. Kevora - Open source cross-platform IDE for database developers
  801. kewlpAd - Freeware skinnable Windows Notepad replacement
  802. KeyNote - Tray resident text editor, outliner, notepad.
  803. KFTE - A Qt and KDE port of Marko Macek? s FTE editor.
  804. KHexEdit - Hex editor for the Linux KDE desktop environment
  805. Kile - a KDE based editor
  806. Kinesics Text Editor - Freeware text editor for Windows, DOS and Linux
  807. Kinoma Create - Open source Eclipse based IDE for Kinoam App creation
  808. KInterDev - Open source IDE for KDE
  809. Kiss Editor - Tiny console text editor with WordStar key mapping
  810. Klat - KDE based Linux editor for LaTeX
  811. KobraText - Open source Windows plain text editor in VisualBasic?
  812. Kod - Open source programmer's editor for OS/X
  813. KoffeeKup - Open source lightweight IDE in Java for Java programming
  814. Komodo - ActiveState's IDE for Perl, Python, and Tcl-Tk programming, implemented in Mozilla code
  815. KomodoEdit - Editor component of Komodo IDE from ActiveState
  816. Kon - Text editor and Notepad replacement with script language
  817. KontrollerLab - Open source IDE for ATMEL microcontroller programming
  818. KPad - Shareware Windows text editor with RTF support, email, and minimize to tray
  819. KTechlab - Open source IDE for microcontroller development
  820. Kudaz - a Windows based programmers editor using the SynEdit edit control
  821. Kuzya - Open source, cross-platform IDE for people studying programming
  822. KWord - Open source word processor component of KOffice for Linux/KDE
  823. KXML - KDE based XML editor for Linux
  824. Kylix - Borland's port of Delphi to Linux
  825. LaTeXEditor - An IDE for working in LaTeX
  826. LatticeScreenEditor - editor that comes with Lattice C compiler and normally known as LSE
  827. LavaPE - Open source rapid development environment for Lava language
  828. Lazarus - An open source GUI RAD IDE for FreePascal
  829. Lazy Notepad - Shareware Windows Notepad replacement with tabbed interface and transparency
  830. Lazy Writer - Early word processor for the TRS-80
  831. lcc-win32 - A Compiler system for windows
  832. LE - Open source console mode editor for Linux
  833. Leafpad - Simple GTK based editor for Linux
  834. LedIt - Freeware cross-platform Unicode word processor
  835. LedLineIt - Freeware cross-platform ext editor
  836. Leds - A D language text editor
  837. LEd - Open source LaTeX editor for Windows
  838. Lemmy - a ViFamily TextEditor for Windows.
  839. LEO - Python based outlining editor for Windows and Linux
  840. Leonardo - Freeware C development environment for the Macintosh
  841. Letter Perfect - 8 bit Atari word processor
  842. Letterpress - Open souerce experimental Notepad replacement based on the SynEdit control
  843. levee - A tiny vi clone for Linux
  844. Lexx IDE - Open source portable Java development IDE
  845. lfhex - Linux hex editor for large files
  846. LGEDIT - Freeware DOS text editor with dual windows and calculator (12KB)
  847. Liberty BASIC Builder - Open source IDE for Windows Liberty BASIC development
  848. LiCE - a lisp editor like Emacs
  849. Lied - Open source cross-platform editor for Lilypond code
  850. Light PHP Edit - Open source Windows PHP editor based on the SynEdit edit control
  851. LightPad - Shareware web development editor
  852. Light Table - Open source dynamic development environment in Clojure
  853. Limetext - open-source clone of Sublime Text
  854. LINED - DEC Line Editor for Disk Files - a precursor to SOS, running on the PDP-6
  855. Linux ANSI Draw - Drawing program for creating ANSI screens
  856. Liquid Story Binder XE - Shareware Windows portable writer's IDE
  857. Liquid XML Studio - Windows XML/XSLT editor
  858. LispIDE - Open source IDE for Lisp and Scheme development, based on Scintilla
  859. LispWorks - Commercial Common LISP development IDE
  860. Literary Machine - An IDE and database for creative writing
  861. Loadngo Xml - Open source tool for working with XML files, providing a tree view of the document, and XSLT coding support
  862. LocoScript - Shareware MS-DOS/Windows?? word processor from the UK
  863. LogEdit - Freeware ANSI text editor for editing log files
  864. LopeEdit - for Windows, free version available
  865. LPE - Lightweight editor for Unix with embedded script language
  866. LPEX - A language sensitive editor that runs on OS/2
  867. LSE - LanguageSensitiveEditor - VAX editor written in TpuLanguage.
  868. LSL-Editor - Open source editor for coding in the Linden Script Language used by Second Life
  869. LuaEclipse - Open source Plugins to extend the Eclipse IDE for Lua coding
  870. LuaEdit - Open source IDE for development in Lua
  871. Lua Glider - Open source Lua IDE and debugger for games development
  872. LuaIDE - Open source IDE for Lua based on Scintilla
  873. LuaStudio - Open source IDE for Lua coding
  874. LucED - Lucid Editor for X11
  875. LugaruEpsilon - Powerful Windows programmer's editor
  876. LWP - Open source lightweight IDE for Macintosh C/Pascal? development
  877. LyX - Open source cross platform document processor with embedded TeX typesetting
  878. M - Microsoft PWB editor
  879. MacDown - Open source Markdown editor for OS/X, modeled after Mou
  880. MacVim - Open source port of the Vim editor to the Macintosh
  881. MacWrite - Commercial word processor bundled with early Macintosh computers
  882. MadEdit - Cross-platform text and hex editor with syntax highlighting and RegEx support
  883. Madhura Notepad - A freeware Unicode text editor for Sinhala
  884. Madhyam - Freeware Windows editor for writing in Hindi using Devangari characters
  885. Magic CPlusPlus - Commercial C/C++ IDE for Linux, Unix, Cygwin
  886. Magic Editor - Shareware syntax highlighting editor for Windows
  887. MagicWand - An MsDos text editor
  888. MagicWindow - Two-dimensional word processor for the Apple II
  889. ManEdit - A specialized editor for Unix man pages
  890. Maqetta - Open source web hosted editing of HTML5 user interfaces
  891. MarinerWrite - Shareware word processor for Mac OS/X
  892. Markdown Edit - Open source Windows editor for working in the CommonMark?? flavor of Markdown
  893. Markdown Pad - Commercial Markdown editor for Windows with tabbed interface, in Freeware and Pro versions
  894. MAT Editor - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  895. Math Text - Word processor especially designed for technical typing (MS-DOS)
  896. MathBench - Open source Windows IDE for physics and math Python scripting
  897. MaxIDE - Open source IDE for programming in BlitzMax?
  898. MAX's HTML Beauty - Freeware Windows HTML editor
  899. MBEDIT - an AEDIT like editor for multiple platforms. Open Source.
  900. Mcedit - Text editor component of Linux Midnight Commander file manager
  901. mcedit - Web based text editor
  902. MCU 8051 IDE - Open source IDE for 8051 microcontroller programming
  903. MDI Editor - Freeware OS/2 MDI editor allowing more than one file to be edited at a time
  904. MDINotepad - Windows-based Notepad replacement
  905. ME - Martin's Editor, a freeware Notepad replacement for Windows and OS/2
  906. ME (MS-Dos) - Small but powerfull hex and ASCII editor
  907. ME2 - Mutt Editor II, an Emacs variant with a hybrid macro language
  908. Meadow - Multi-lingual enhancement for Gnu Emacs under Windows
  909. MED - German shareware Windows programmer's text editor
  910. MEdit - Free, graphic, multi-window, cross-platform text editor.
  911. medit - Freeware text editor that can combine documents, as a worksheet
  912. meep - a wily like text editor in Ruby
  913. Mega-Star - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  914. Memo PLUS - Shareware replacement for Palm OS Memopad
  915. MEMO - Freeware Notepad replacement with syntax highlighting
  916. MemPad - Freeware Notepad replacement with an index tree
  917. MetaPad - fast, powerful replacement for Notepad (Windows, free)
  918. MetroTextual - Freeware Windows text editor inspired by Metro design language
  919. MeWa - An IDE for working in LaTeX - formerly LaTeXEditor
  920. MG - formerly MicroGnuEmacs
  921. Mg32 - A derived version of MicroEMACS for PocketPCs?
  922. mi - Freeware Japanese Mac editor, formerly MKKEdit
  923. mi3htmledit - Open source HTML editor with preview and validation
  924. Mickey - Open source hex editor using FLTK
  925. MicroAsm - A simple Windows assembly language editor with build hotkey
  926. MicroEmacs - emacs editor originally written by Dave Conroy, and extended by Daniel Lawrence and JASSPA. See also MicroEMACS
  927. Microsoft Publisher - Microsoft's desktop publishing entry
  928. mide3de2 - Freeware Windows IDE for FST Modula-2 compiler
  929. mince - Mince Is Not Complete Emacs (DOS)
  930. MINed - My INed, George Williams' editor inspired by INed
  931. mined - a powerful text editor with extensive Unicode and CJK support supporting modern interface paradigms
  932. mined-MINIX - Open source simple screen editor for Minix
  933. MinGW Developer Studio - IDE for development using the GCC Compiler suite
  934. [Mini Text Editor]? - Open source minimal text editor
  935. Minimum Profit - Cross-platform programmer's editor with C like script language
  936. MiniTrue (MTR) - Fast and powerful search/replace functionality with a full-featured textviewer
  937. MipScope - Open source IDE for MIPS Assembly development
  938. MiniWord - Freeware editor extension to Palm Memopad application
  939. MiniWrite - Editor component of MiniOffice? suite for PalmOS
  940. MIView - An XML editor for the Gnome environment
  941. Mix Editor - Text editor supplied with the Mix C Compiler for CP/M and MS-DOS
  942. mjcide - Open source Java compiler and IDE
  943. ML Text Editor - A text editor for writing Tcl code, written in TclTk
  944. ML-1 - Open source, cross-platform macro processor and stream editor
  945. MLEditor - Shareware multi-language Unicode editor intended for Chinese text editing
  946. mmEd - XML Editor with unicode support
  947. Mmrnmhrm - Open source IDE for D programming language
  948. MODIFY? - MIT CTSS Line replacement editor for 12-bit files used with MEMO (1963)
  949. MOE - the *other* GNU editor
  950. Momentum Writer - Freeware Windows "typewriter for your PC"
  951. Mondrian; - Open source IDE for Ruby Development, written in Ruby
  952. Monkey Studio - Open source, cross-platform IDE for QT4 development
  953. mooedit - Open source cross-platform text editor with plugin support
  954. MoonEdit - A collaborative text editor
  955. Moonshine - Open source IDE for AS3/Flex? devevopment written in AS3
  956. morla - An open source editor for RDF files
  957. MorphEd - An editor for MorphOS
  958. Motor - Open source console mode editor for Linux with CVS integration
  959. Mou - Mac OS/X editor for Markdown aimed at web developers
  960. Mousepad - Default text editor for the Xfce windowing environment
  961. Mr.Document - Open source text editor in Java
  962. MSEdit - Mateusz's Saucy Editor - freeware MS-DOS editor
  963. Msub - Script driven text manipulation tool
  964. mtScript - An open source multi-lingual text editor
  965. Multics Emacs - Emacs implementation on Multics by Bernard Greenberg
  966. Multidoc - Freeware Windows editor with encryption, RTF support, and web browsing
  967. MultiEdit - commercial programmer's editor for Windows (DOS no longer sold)
  968. MultiWrite - Strategic Software word processor for Coleco ADAM
  969. MultiMate - Early commercial word processor for the IBM PC under MS-DOS
  970. Multipad - Open source lightweight text editor for Windows
  971. MunShain - Open source IDE for C++ using Qt, based on # Moonshine
  972. mxedit - A text editor in TclTk based on John Ousterhout's original
  973. MyDevStudio - Shareware Windows text editor with IDE features
  974. MyEclipse - Programmer's IDE written in Java, derived from Eclipse
  975. MyEditor - Open source editor built as demo for Delphi Scintilla components
  976. myIDE - Open source web based IDE
  977. MyPad - Open source editor based on ICSharpCode?.TextEditor control
  978. Mystix - Open Source text editor based on the SynEdit edit control
  979. MyTextArea - Online plain text editor
  980. MyTextFile - Simple web hosted text file editor using Google API
  981. nano - a GPL version of pico
  982. NAntBuilder - Shareware IDE for the NAnt process automation tool
  983. Ncurses Hexedit - Open source - curses based hex editor
  984. Ne - "No Edlin!" freeware MS-DOS EDIT replacement
  985. NE - The Nice Editor, an open source editor designed for portability and use over limited bandwidth connections
  986. Neatpad - Open source Unicode text editor demonstrating Win32 coding techniques
  987. NED - Rand Corporation text editor for DEC PDP-11 systems running Unix
  988. NEdit - A graphical editor for Unix, keys mostly from CUA, X and Win/Mac?
  989. NE-ICL - Text editor on ICL mainframes developed at the University of Cambridge
  990. Nemacs - Nihongo Emacs, Japanese language version of Emacs
  991. Neovim - the next generation of the Vim text editor
  992. NetBeans - Sun's open source Java IDE
  993. Netpadd - Free Notepad replacement for web development
  994. Neutron Drive - A web based IDE built on Ace that integrates with Google Drive
  995. NevadaEdit - see also UtahEdit
  996. New York Word - Word processor for MS-DOS
  997. NewWord - Enhanced clone of WordStar with more functions
  998. NFOPad - Small, fast and flexible combined nfo viewer and text editor
  999. nfte - A minimal, ncurses based version of Mario Macek's FTE
  1000. Ng - Japanese port of MG for Win32 and other platforms
  1001. NgEdit - Next Generation text editor
  1002. NicEdit - Open source inline content editor in JavaScript
  1003. Nightcode - Open source Java based IDE for Clojure and Java
  1004. Nisus - An Apple/Mac?? wordprocessor that doubles as a text editor
  1005. NisusWriter - Shareware Mac "alternative" word processor that is also available as a plain text editor called QUED/M
  1006. NNED - NetNotepad?? freeware syntax highlighting Notepad replacement
  1007. NortonEditor - DOS editor that came with Norton Utilities
  1008. NotaBene - Windows word processor based on the old XyWrite product, aimed at scholars
  1009. Notable - Open source note taking applicatiojen for Windows
  1010. Notae - Shareware note-taker/organizer for Mac OS/X 10.4 or better
  1011. notcl - open source cross platform editor in TclTk
  1012. Notebook Editor - A simple Notepad style editor in TclTk
  1013. NoteCase - Open source, cross platform hierarchical note manager
  1014. NoteKeeper - Outliner for windows
  1015. NoteMaster - Freeware text/code editor for Windows, extensible with XML and VBScript
  1016. Notepad-Bang - Notepad! a free, powerful, feature-rich replacement for your Windows Notepad
  1017. Notepad And One Half - Freeware enhanced Notepad replacement and Rich Text editor
  1018. Notepad Deluxe - Freeware windows Notepad replacement with RTF support
  1019. Notepad Extra PlusPlus - Open source Windows Notepad replacement written in VB.Net
  1020. Notepad Enhanced - Open source tabbed Notepad replacement for Windows
  1021. Notepad GNU - Open source Russian Windows Notepad replacement
  1022. Notepad ProPlus - Free Notepad replacement with tabbed interface and skinnable appearance
  1023. Notepad RE - A Notepad editor that includes powerful Regular expression support.
  1024. Notepad - A Windows Notepad clone for PocketPCs?
  1025. NotePad - The original Windows text editor
  1026. Notepad2 (Kai Liu) - A modified version (fork) of Notepad2 based on Florian Balmer's official Notepad2 version
  1027. Notepad2 (Zach Thibeau) - A modified version (fork) of Notepad2 based on Florian Balmer's official Notepad2 version
  1028. Notepad2 - Freeware Notepad replacement with syntax highlighting by Florian Balmer
  1029. Notepad2-mod - A modified version (fork) of Notepad2 based on Florian Balmer's official Notepad2 version
  1030. NotepadEx - A fast Notepad replacement
  1031. NotepadPlusPlus - Free programmer's folding editor (Windows) (aka N++ or Notepad++)
  1032. Notepadqq - Notepad++ clone for Linux
  1033. NotepadsPlus - Freeware replacement for Windows 3.X Notepad
  1034. NotePadSX - A free NotePad replacement with tabbed, colored windows!
  1035. NotepadX - A free, open source tabbed Notepad replacement
  1036. NotePadXP - Freeware Notepad replacement
  1037. NotePare - Freeware classic text editor for Windows
  1038. NotePlus - Freeware Windows 95 Notepad replacement
  1039. NotePuppy - Open source text editor originally developed for the Nokia N900
  1040. NoteScribe - Shareware Windows note taking utility with hierarchical outlining
  1041. NotesPad - free tray resident Windows Notepad replacement
  1042. NotePas - Open source editor written in Lazarus/FreePascal.
  1043. NoteTab - 3 editors for Windows (1 free, 2 commercial)
  1044. NoteXpad - Notepad replacement application for Microsoft Windows 5.0 and higher
  1045. NoWinEd - Freeware Amiga text editor
  1046. npad2 - Freeware Wiondows programmer's editor with syntax highlighting
  1047. n-squared - Open source Windows Notepad replacement with tabbed interface and encryption
  1048. NStudio - Free, open source text editor in C# and .NET
  1049. NTED - Improved TED
  1050. Ntuitive - Powerful ASCII text editor for power users and programmers.
  1051. Nuance - A text editor for HP/C devices running WinCE?
  1052. nuTPU - a TPU clone
  1053. Nutty IDE - Open source IDE for Squirrel language development
  1054. nvi - new vi (a ViFamily editor.)
  1055. NVu - a WYSIWYG HTML editor
  1056. O26 - Full screen editor for the CDC-6000
  1057. o3one EDT - Open source EDT clone for Linux, OZONE, and VMS
  1058. OASIS Edit - Line editor running under the OASIS OS of Phase One Systems
  1059. OCamlEditor - Open source Windows and Linux IDE for OCaml
  1060. OcamlTeX - Open source LaTeX editor for Gnome written in Objective Caml
  1061. Oceantiger Editor - Freeware source code editor and Java IDE for Windows
  1062. Ocolon - a browser based editor featuring matrix calculation
  1063. octavede - Open source IDE for Octave mathematical software
  1064. ODpad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with MDI interface and Rich Text support
  1065. Oemacs - Open source MS-DOS port of Gnu Emacs, successor to Demacs
  1066. OI Notepad - OpenIntents? Notepad for Android
  1067. Okteta - Okteta is a simple editor for the raw data of files - KDE
  1068. OmegaEdit - Shareware Windows editor for CSS and PHP
  1069. OmelettePad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with tabbed interface and scripting
  1070. Online PHP IDE - Open source web hosted IDE for PHP development
  1071. OnText - Open source online text editor in PHP and JavaScript
  1072. OONO - Pure Python and TK text editor, distraction-free, extensible editor.
  1073. OOPIC Compiler IDE - Open source Windows IDE for the OOPIC robot controller
  1074. Open Office Write - word processor of [OpenOffice??.org]
  1075. Open Perl IDE - Open source Windows IDE for Perl development.
  1076. OpenBEXI - Open source web based HTML5 editor
  1077. OpenEditor - Open source editor for SQL and other files
  1078. OpenWatcom Vi - A Vi-like editor included with the OpenWatcom C++/F77 development environment.
  1079. OpenWebDesigner - Open source IDE for web development
  1080. OpenWorkspace - Open source online IDE using natural language
  1081. OpenXML Writer - Open source editor for creating WordprocessingML? (.docx) files
  1082. OptiPerl - Shareware Windows IDE for Perl development
  1083. Orange C IDE - IDE for open source C compiler on DOS and Windows, successor to [Infopad]
  1084. Orient - a Small Unicode Editor for Windows
  1085. Origami for Linux - A folding editor for Linux
  1086. Origami for Windows - A folding editor for Windows
  1087. Origami - A folding editor for AtariST?, Minix, and SunOS?
  1088. origami-2.02 - A folding editor for structured languages
  1089. Orion - Open source embeddable code editor in JavaScript
  1090. Orwell Dev-CPlusPlus- Open source Dev-C++ IDE for Windows
  1091. OSPedit - Open source text editor component of a collection of DOS extenders
  1092. oStorybook - Open source, cross-platfom story organizing software, written in Java
  1093. Osymo Editor - Smartphone text editor/notepad
  1094. OutPlus - an outline editor
  1095. Oxygen - Mac OS/X XML/XSLT editor
  1096. PabloDraw - Open source editor for ASCII/ANSI art files
  1097. Pacu - Shareware cross-platform code editor for Linux and OS/X
  1098. pad for Unix - Text editor for Unix, inspired by Logitech's old point editor.
  1099. Pad - text editor with image viewer and word processing built-in.
  1100. Pada - Open Source Windows Notepad replacement with transparency support
  1101. PadPaper - Open source Notepad replacement
  1102. PadPlus - a notepad replacement for Windows
  1103. PADRE - Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
  1104. Page Four - Shareware Windows outliner and tabbed word processor
  1105. Pages - Apple's word processor for the Macintosh
  1106. Paint - A Printer-Art Editor for MS-DOS
  1107. PaintPro - Ansi graphics editor for MS-DOS
  1108. PalEdit - Freeware text editor for HP Palmtop with Emacs key assignments
  1109. Pallavi - Open source Windows Notepad replacement with Plugin support
  1110. PalmEd - Open source Java based text editor for PalmOS devices
  1111. Papel - Freeware Windows writer's editor and story organizer
  1112. PaperClip - Word processor for Commodore and Atari systems
  1113. ParserBuilder - Open source COCO/R IDE for Delphi
  1114. Pathetic Writer - Open source word processor component of SIAG Office for X-11
  1115. Pawn Studio - Open source IDE for development in Pawn
  1116. PB SED - Public domain editor for Power Basic coding
  1117. PBEditor - Freeware Windows editor for PowerBasic coding
  1118. Pc XEDIT - Freeware Windows clone of VM XEDIT
  1119. pcedit32 - an 'E' editor clone
  1120. PcWrite - An influential early shareware word processor/editor by Jim Button
  1121. PDF - IBM mainframe editor (not the Adobe(tm) product)
  1122. PDT-DOS - A specialized editor for DOS handling enormous files (up to 2 gigabytes)
  1123. PDT-Windows - A specialized editor for handling enormous files (up to 18 quintillion bytes)
  1124. PE(Personal) - IBM Personal Editor (PC-DOS 1.x)
  1125. PE - IBM Professional Editor
  1126. pe - Open source editor for BeOS/Haiku?
  1127. PE2 - IBM Personal Editor II (PC-DOS 2.x & up)
  1128. PE32 - Windows console mode IBM Personal Editor replacement
  1129. Peach Text - Word processor for CP/M systems, bundled with Peach Calc
  1130. Peacock - An HTML Editor for Gnome
  1131. PED - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  1132. PEDIT - Freeware MS-DOS replacement for DOS EDIT
  1133. pedit - Advanced PalmOS? memo editor
  1134. Pegasus - Open source IDE for development in multiple languages
  1135. pEmacs - Open source emacs implementation derived from Ersatz Emacs
  1136. Pepper - Commercial text editor for Mac OS/X
  1137. Peppy - Open source Emacs style editor based on Python and Scintilla
  1138. Perfect TextEdit - Freeware Windows text editor with MDI interface
  1139. PerfectWriter - Word processor based on MOTU's Mince
  1140. Perisoft Brief Freeware Windows clone of the original Brief editor
  1141. Perl Code Editor - Freeware Perl code editor
  1142. Perl Composer - Oppn source IDE for X-Windows GUI development using Perl/GTK+
  1143. Perl Editor - Shareware Windows editor for Perl coding
  1144. Perl Scripting Tool - Commercial Notepad replacement with Perl editing features
  1145. Perl Studio - Commercial Windows Perl development environment
  1146. PerlBuilder - Commercial IDE for Perl development
  1147. PerlExpress - Freeware Perl IDE
  1148. PerlWiz - Shareware Perl development IDE
  1149. Peter - Open source Programmers Extensive Text Editor
  1150. Peter's XML Editor - Freeware XML editor for Windows
  1151. pfc2 ide - Open source IDE for development in Pascal-FC2
  1152. PFE - Programmer's File Editor (free, Windows)
  1153. PhDm Editor - Open source Linux console editor
  1154. PHP Designer - Commercial PHP development IDE with lite freeware version
  1155. PHP Rite - PHP Rite - Shareware Windows PHP editor
  1156. PHP Studio - Commercial Windows PHP development environment
  1157. PHPeclipse - Open source IDE for PHP, built on Eclipse
  1158. PhpEd - PHP specific text editor
  1159. PHPEdit - Shareware windows PHP editor with extension capability
  1160. PHPExpert - Shareware PHP/Perl? development IDE for Windows
  1161. Phranc Pedit - Freeware windows Notepad replacement
  1162. PIC18F IDE - Open source IDE for PIC18F microcontroller development
  1163. Pico - A member of TinyEditors for Unix; see nano
  1164. Pie - Extensible Emacs-like Editor for Erlang
  1165. PIDA - Open source IDE written in Python and GtK2
  1166. PipeDream - Integrated Word processor, spreadsheet, and database for Cambridge Z88
  1167. PlainEdit.Net - Text editor for ANSI, UTF-8 and Unicode files
  1168. PlainEdit - Text editor for ANSI and ASCII files
  1169. PLSQLDeveloper - Editor for editing PL/SQL and working in a Oracle database
  1170. pluma - Default editor of the MATE desktop environment
  1171. Pocket Smalltalk - Open source cross-platform IDE to create Smalltalk apps targeting PalmOS devices
  1172. Pocket Text Editor - Freeware plain text editor for PocketPCs?
  1173. PocketNotepad - A Windows Notepad style editor for PocketPCs?
  1174. Point - Early mouse-driven editor for MsDos
  1175. Polina - Open source GTK2 editor for Linux and *BSD as alternative to Gedit or KAte
  1176. Pollo - A treeview XML editor
  1177. PolyEdit - An alternative to Microsoft Word
  1178. Portable Word - Open source text editor in VB
  1179. Poseidon - An editor for D written with DWT
  1180. POW - Programmer's Open Workbench - An IDE for Modula2 and Java development
  1181. PowerEdit - Shareware Windows text editor
  1182. PowerPad - Freeware Vista-compatible text editor
  1183. PowerPlus - Open source language, compiler, and IDE for developing PORC for Symitar systems
  1184. PowerShell Studio - Commercial Windows Scripting IDE for PowerShell? developers
  1185. PowerWriter - Word processor for writers, adding tools for story development
  1186. Power Text Editor - Freeware tabbed Android text editor
  1187. PPC edit - Open source text editor for the PocketPC platform
  1188. Preditor - Formerly the Sage Professional Editor, from Compuware
  1189. PrEditor - Windows programmer's editor
  1190. PrestoEdit - Windows text editor with tabbed interface, syntax highlighting, spell check, thesaurus
  1191. PrimalScript - for Windows. Has special support for writing Windows batch scripts and WSH.
  1192. prithvi - Open source Windows IDE for PIC microntroller development
  1193. Private Notepad - Shareware windows Notepad with 256 bit encryption
  1194. Pro-Ed - Text editor designed for programmers
  1195. ProfessionalNotePad - windows based text editor
  1196. Programmer Studio - Commercial programmer's IDE for Windows
  1197. Programmer's Notepad - Free, open source text editor for coders
  1198. Project Ash - Open source editor component of Ash project
  1199. ProjectManager - Open source IDE for GNUStep
  1200. Prolix - Text editor for Windows
  1201. Pronotepad - Open source Windows Notepad replacement with tabbed interface
  1202. Protext - Text editor originally for Amstrad, ported to other platforms
  1203. ProtocolBuffersEditor - Editor for Googles Protocol Buffers Binary Format
  1204. Protoeditor - Open source KDE editor for interactive script debugging
  1205. Proton IDE - Shareware Windows IDE for PICBASIC development
  1206. PSPad - powerful programmer's and HTML editor (free, Windows)
  1207. PSPCEditor - Open source PSP C/C++ IDE for Windows with .NET
  1208. PSPWrite - A text Editor for the Sony PSP
  1209. PVIC - A portable Vi clone based on Stevie
  1210. PWB - Microsoft Console mode IDE included with PDS and MASM
  1211. PWEditor - Open source personal web development editor
  1212. PyCharm - Commercial IDE for development in Python and Django
  1213. PyED - Open source editor in Python for Symbian OS devices
  1214. PyGTKEditor - Open source text editor for handheld devices
  1215. Pymacs - Gnu Emacs extensions to use Python as a scripting language
  1216. PyPE - Python-centric text editor that uses the Scintilla component
  1217. PyRoom - Distraction-free writing, fullscreen editor, written in PythonLanguage
  1218. pyscripter - Free and open-source Python Integrated Development Environment, written in Python
  1219. PyScripter - Open source Python Integrated Development Environment, written in Delphi
  1220. PythonCardEditor - Open source text editor component of Python Card GUI builder kit
  1221. PyUrduEdit Open source text editor in Python for Urdu language
  1222. PyWord - Python Word Processor, an open source text editor in Python
  1223. Q10 - Freeware full screen Windows text editor aimed at writers
  1224. QE - A PE2 clone for U*NIX
  1225. qed - A line editor which is an ancestor of ed and vi
  1226. QEdit - A text editor for HP-3000 systems running MPE, Linux, and Windows
  1227. QEDIT - powerful shareware editor for DOS; morphed into TSE-Jr. TheSemwareEditor
  1228. Qeditor - IBM mainframe editor that runs in CICS instead of TSO
  1229. qed-pascal - A tiny opensource, fullscreen text editor written in Pascal.
  1230. qedx - Standard editor on Multics systems
  1231. Qemacs - lightweight full-featured Emacs clone by Fabrice Bellard
  1232. qjot - A lightweight USB compatible Wordpad replacement
  1233. QMWEdit - Open source editor using Qt toolkit
  1234. QtCreator - Open Source IDE for Qt development
  1235. QtOctave - Open source IDE for development in Octave
  1236. Quanta - a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux
  1237. Quark Xpress - Desktop publishing for the Mac and Windows
  1238. QUED/M - Shareware text editor for the Macintosh
  1239. Quick Edit - Freeware Android text editor with tabs and syntax highlighting
  1240. QuickAHK - Small editor for quick-and-dirty AutoHotkey script development or testing
  1241. QuickDev Studio - Open source Linux IDE for embedded processor development
  1242. QuickEdit - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with MDI interface
  1243. QuickEditor - very small, free Windows editor
  1244. QuickMate - Open source programmable text editor for Windows with .NET 3.5
  1245. QuickSharp - Open source IDE based on Scintilla for C# development under .NET 2.0
  1246. Quik Note - Editor for very short documents
  1247. QuillTex - Open source, cross-platform LaTeX development IDE in QT4
  1248. Quincy - Free, open source simple IDE for C/C++ programming
  1249. Qute - Open source themeable text editor for Android
  1250. Qute PC - Open source Markdown editor for Windows and OS/X
  1251. QuteCSound - Open source IDE for CSound development
  1252. Qwined - Freeware Windows multilingual technical editor
  1253. RabtPad - Open source editor for Arabic scripts in Java
  1254. Rad.On - Freeware IDE using Scintilla in the style of MS Visual Studio Rad.On - Freeware IDE using Scintilla in the style of MS Visual Studio
  1255. RadASM - Freeware Win32 Assembly IDE
  1256. RadEditor - An HTML editor
  1257. RadRails - Open source Ruby on Rails IDE based on Aptana Studio
  1258. Randy's Notepad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with RTF and large file support
  1259. Rand Editor - The original Rand screen editor
  1260. Rapid CSS Editor - Shareware Windows editor for CSS development
  1261. RapidPHP - Shareware Windows PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor
  1262. RavitzEditor - An MsDos editor.
  1263. RDE - Open source Ruby Development Environment IDE
  1264. READ - ASCII Text Editor & Viewer
  1265. RecordEditor - Data file Editor for Windows / Linux (like [File AID]?)
  1266. RED - Richard's Editor, a derivative of ecce
  1267. Red - Text editor for VAX/VMS systems, written in STOIC, a variant of FORTH
  1268. REd0 - Rabbadak's Editor, a text editor in Tcl/Tk?
  1269. Redcar - Cross-platform, open-source editor written in JRuby; supports Textmate themes and snippets (currently in alpha)
  1270. Redit - Freeware text editor for AmigaDOS 1.2 and up
  1271. RegexLord - Open source IDE for regex assemblies for .NET
  1272. Relo - Free, open source Windows IDE for Borland C++ and GCC/MingW32??? compilers
  1273. REmLab - Open source IDE for embedded DSP development
  1274. RemotePad - Freeware text editor with FTP client
  1275. RexEdit - Open source, cross-platform editor with templates and project management
  1276. REXX Programmer Center - Freeware Windows IDE for REXX development
  1277. RHIDE - An IDE for DJGPP and other GNU based systems
  1278. RichEditor - Commercial browser-based WYSIWYG online html editor.
  1279. RichMasm - Fast and compact but fully featured editor for rich text (RTF) sources
  1280. RichText - Open source IE based HTML edit control
  1281. RichTextEditor.NET - Commercial Rich Text and HTML editor for ASP programming
  1282. rIDE - Open source IDE for beginners and classroom use
  1283. RimStar - a Windows and OS/2 editor.
  1284. Rinzo - Open source XML editor built on Eclipse
  1285. RJTextEd - RJ TextEd, a Unicode text editor for Win32
  1286. RKWard - Open source GUI front-end and editor for the R statistics language
  1287. RockEdit - Rocksoft portable editor, for use on machines that have a C compiler, but don't have a very good (or familiar) text editor.
  1288. Roden Web Editor - Freeware Windows editor
  1289. Rogsoft NotepadPlus - Freeware windows Notepad replacement witn MDI interface
  1290. roPEdit - Open source Windows text editor with TurboDB and tdbengine support
  1291. Ropeide - a python refactoring IDE, opensource, written in PythonLanguage
  1292. ROSCOE - Computer Associates mainframe development environment
  1293. rospell - Open source cross-platform UTH-8 text editor
  1294. ROTE8 - Open source mini text editor for Windows and Linux
  1295. RoughDraft - shareware text editor for writers, editors, playwrights
  1296. RSPE - Open source PHP IDE
  1297. RStudio - Open source IDE for development in the R statistics language
  1298. RText - Programmer's Text Editor written in Java
  1299. RtfEd - Freeware RTF editor for Linux.
  1300. RubyIDE - Open source IDE for Ruby language development written in Ruby
  1301. RubyMine - Commercial IDE for Ruby on Rails development
  1302. RuneText - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement
  1303. S - screen editor from Edinburgh Computer Science Dept
  1304. S hex - Open source file viewer and hex editor for MS-DOS and Windows console
  1305. s390 Assembler IDE - Open source IDE for IBM s390 assembler programming
  1306. SageProfessionalEditor - Commercial text editor for DOS and Windows with an awk-like MacroLanguage.
  1307. SAID - Text editor for #nix emulating Data General mini-computer SED editor
  1308. Sakura - Open source Windows Japanese language text editor
  1309. Sally - Open source C++ IDE written in C# for .NET 1.1
  1310. sam - Plan 9 text editor
  1311. Sandy - Open source X11 text editor using GTK+ and GtkSourceView?
  1312. Sanos - Open source editor component of Sanos, the minimal OS for network server appliances, and can be built for Linux
  1313. SavageEd - Free, open source Notepad replacement written in Assembler
  1314. SavageEd2 - Free, open source Notepad replacement in Assembler, followup to SavageEd
  1315. SayPad - Talking text editor for the visually impaired
  1316. Schematics - Freeware Windows validating XML ditor
  1317. Schmortopf - Open source Java development IDE
  1318. Sciboo - Open source editor for Windows with dotNET frameworks, based on ScintillaNET?
  1319. SciED - Editor written in Gui4Cli
  1320. SciTE - text editor that uses Scintilla component.
  1321. SciTEPlusPlus - Open source enhanced version of SciTE
  1322. SciTE4AutoHotkey - free, SciTE-based AutoHotkey script editor
  1323. SciTE4D - Open source editor for D language, based on Scintilla
  1324. SciTE-st - Open source fork of SciTE using Lua as scripting language and dynamic lexing
  1325. SciViews-K - Open source GUI for the R statistics package, implemented as a Komodo Edit extension
  1326. Screed - Screen editor from Edinburgh Regional Computing Center
  1327. Screem - Open source Gnome web development editor
  1328. Scribes - Python editor for Linux
  1329. Scribes-Gnome - General purpose text editor for Gnome desktop
  1330. ScribTeX? - Collaborative online LaTex editor
  1331. Scribus - Open source, cross-platform desktop publisher
  1332. ScrIDE - Freeware OS-X based IDE for scripting languages
  1333. Script Editor - Shareware Windows scripting editor for VBS and JScript
  1334. Scrivener - A word processor and project management tool for writers
  1335. Scroll - Scope editor for DEC PDP-8 systems
  1336. ScrypTik - Shareware JavaScript editor for Windows
  1337. se - Open Source Georgia Tech Screen Editor
  1338. Secure Notepad - Open source Windows Notepad with encryption, written in Delphi
  1339. SED - Editor supplied with Data General mini computers running AOS
  1340. sed - Unix stream editor (lots of clones available.)
  1341. SEDIT - Text editor designed for use with electronic mail (MS-DOS)
  1342. Sedit - Xedit clone for Windows and Unix/Linux??
  1343. SEDT - an EDT clone for PC and Unix platforms
  1344. see - DeSmet SEE text editor
  1345. SEG - Freeware Windowe editor for PHP scripting
  1346. Sensible Note Taker - Shareware Windows note taking utility with tabbed interface and RTF support
  1347. SEPY - Open source ActionScript? editor for Macromedia Flash
  1348. Serif PagePlus - Budget desktop publishing for Windows
  1349. SetEdit - Editor component for RHIDE IDE
  1350. SEU - IBM iSeries (i.e. AS/400)Source Editor Utility
  1351. SeX - Simple text editor for X-Windows
  1352. ShadyTXT - Free, open source Notepad replacement with Unicode support
  1353. ShareLaTex - Collaborative online LaTex editor
  1354. SharpDevelop - The Open Source Development Environment for .NET
  1355. shed - Open source hex editor for unix/linux using ncurses and pico interface
  1356. SHH ED - Tiny freeware DOS text editor with Wordstar command set and limited mouse suport
  1357. ShiftEdit - Open source web based IDE
  1358. ShishKabab - Open source IDE for PHP development in C++ and Qt
  1359. SHSU - ASCII text editor for MS-DOS
  1360. SIDE - Open source IDE for development in multiple languages
  1361. sIDE - Open source, cross-platform IDE for FreePascal
  1362. side4linux - Open source Linux IDE for CNC programming and embedded development
  1363. SideKick - MSX text editor
  1364. SiEd - Programmer's editor for PalmOS
  1365. Sigasi - Commercial Eclipse based IDE for VHDL development
  1366. Signs - Open source IDE based on Eclipse for VHDL development
  1367. SII - Open source IDE for blind programmers using speech synthesis
  1368. Silver Editor - Freeware cross-platform Notepad replacement
  1369. SimpEdit - Freeware Notepad replacement with syntax highlighting
  1370. Simple Text - Open source simple editor in C, extensible through plugins
  1371. SimpleASM - Open source Windows IDE for MASM development in Delphi
  1372. Simplifide - Commercial IDE for development in VHDL and Verilog
  1373. Simredo - Freeware Java Unicode editor
  1374. Singlish - Freeware Windows text editor for Sinhala
  1375. sisong - Open source IDE for the Haiku OS
  1376. SkEdit - a Web editor
  1377. SkimEdit - small editor with high capacity
  1378. SKMSX - MSX text editor
  1379. SkyWriter - Open source browser based editor in HTML5 and JavaScript from Mozilla Labs (formerly Bespin)
  1380. sled - Sam's little editor
  1381. SLED - simple line editor
  1382. SlickEdit - Windows, Linux, System/390 Linux
  1383. SLIDE - Open source IDE for SELinux policy development
  1384. Slim - Yossi Gil's big brother to Terse
  1385. smalled - Text editor for OS/2 Presentation Manager
  1386. SmartWriter - Coleco ADAM word processor
  1387. SmEdit - Compact shareware text editor for Windows
  1388. Smooth - DOS text editor with FAST Smooth Scrolling technique and interface for Windows
  1389. Smultron - an OS/X text editor
  1390. snide - Open source Linux IDE based on NEdit
  1391. SoftBench - An IDE for HP-UX code development in C, C++, and Fortran
  1392. Software Studio - Open source Windows IDE for C#, Java, VB.Net and other languages
  1393. SOS - Line editor for DEC PDP-11s running RSTE/E* [[SciTE++]] - Open source enhanced version of SciTE
  1394. Source Insight - Commercial Windows project oriented editor and code browser
  1395. Source Navigator - Open source source code analyzer and editor
  1396. SourceEdit - Freeware Windows code editor and IDE with macro language
  1397. Source-Highlight-IDE - Open source Qt4 based Linux IDE for Gnu Source-Highlight
  1398. SPAW - Open source WYSIWYG browser HTML editor control
  1399. SPE IDE - Stani's Python Editor - open source Python development editor using Scintilla edit control
  1400. Speaking Notepad - Shareware Windows Text editor with text to speech capabilities
  1401. SPEED - Text editor for the Data General machines
  1402. SpeedEdit - A text editor for Windows, distributed as part of the SpeedCommander? file manager package
  1403. SpeedScript - Commodore 64 word processor by Charles Brannon, published in COMPUTE! Magazine
  1404. SpeedTextPad - Shareware Windows text editor for "free-writing"
  1405. SpeedyWrite - Third party Coleco ADAM word processor
  1406. SPFLite - shareware ISPF clone for Windows
  1407. SPFSE - formerly SPF/PC a PC version of ISPF.
  1408. SpineText - Freeware windows text editor for scripting and web development
  1409. Sprint - Borland Intl's commercial MS-DOS word processor, based on MOTU's Final Word 2
  1410. Squealer - Open source IDE plugin for extending a Windows text editor
  1411. SrcEdit - Source code editor for PalmOS? OnBoard?? C package
  1412. sre - Stabie's Rand Editor (for Linux)
  1413. SSB Text Processor - Editor for Smoke Signal Broadcasting's Chieftain 6809 based Micro
  1414. sside - Open source GTK+ based IDE for C development
  1415. '''StackEdit - Open source web based Markdown editor that runs in a browser
  1416. Stef - Structured Text Editor Framework, an open source extensible editor for hierarchal text
  1417. StenoPad 2 - Freeware Windows RTF editor with spell check
  1418. StepCore Editor - Open source text editor in Java
  1419. STET - "STructured Editing Tool", a folding editor for VM/CMS
  1420. Stevie - Small vi clone originally written for the Atari ST and ported to other platforms
  1421. STOPGAP - Early line editor for DEC PDP systems, ancestor of SOS
  1422. StorYBook - Open source, cross-platfom story writing software
  1423. Storyist - Shareware Macintosh story development tool for novelists and screenwriters
  1424. StoryMill - Shareware novel writing software for Mac OS/X
  1425. StrongED - A programmer's text editor for RISC OS
  1426. Stur - Text editor/processor for 8-bit Atari, based on SpeedScript, mainly for Slovakian users
  1427. Stylus Studio - Commercial XML editor
  1428. SubEthaEdit - Editor built with Cocoa for Mac OS X
  1429. Sublime Text - Shareware Windows text editor for code, HTML, and prose
  1430. SubPad - Freeware light weight USB compatible Notepad replacement
  1431. Sudden View - Text Editor with remarkable dynamic interface (Atari, Windows)
  1432. sue jed - Single User Editor for the Linux Text Console
  1433. SUE - Simple Unix Editor that acts like VDE
  1434. Suniedo - Open source integrated development environment with own language
  1435. SuperEdi - Windows, free editor for programmers and web designers
  1436. SuperScript - Atari word processor with calculation, amcros, and spell checker
  1437. SuperTed - Rewrite of TED to provide features useful for replying to mail
  1438. SuperWylbur - Enhanced clone of Wylbur
  1439. Suplemon - Command line multicursor text editor with extension support.
  1440. sUSHi - Freeware Windows IDE editor with syntax highlighting and templates
  1441. svicc - clone of VI for Commodore C64 (!)
  1442. Swift - Tiny DOS programmer's editor from a Russian author
  1443. Swift (MS-Dos) - A simple MS-DOS word processor
  1444. SXemacs - Enhanced Emacs editor based on XEmacs
  1445. Sydock Visual Docbook - Freeware beta Docbook editor, exporting to Word or HTML
  1446. Syn Code Editor - An IDE for C development on Freescale 68hc11 and 68hc12 processors
  1447. SYN - a syntax highlighting open source text editor
  1448. Synalyze It - Reverse Engineering and Binary File Analysis
  1449. SyncDraw - A multi-platform ANSI drawing program
  1450. SynEdit - Open source programmer's editor based on the SynEdit editor control
  1451. Synnote - A simple syntax-coloring Text Editor
  1452. SynPlus - File viewer and Editor developped for for Total Commander
  1453. Syntext Serna - Commercial XML editor
  1454. SynWrite - Open source Windows text editor based on the EControl Syntax Editor SDK
  1455. SystemTap GUI - Open source Linux IDE for the System Tap tool based on Eclipse'''
  1456. syuhitu - Open source Japanese text editor for Solaris
  1457. T.I.A.H. - "Tiah Is A Hex editor" open source hex editor for Linux
  1458. T - on IBM OS/2 disks (DOS version is 9K, OS/2 version is 10K)
  1459. TablePad - Open source editor for structured text files
  1460. TabPad BG - A tabbed Windows Notepad replacement with RTF support
  1461. TabPad - A tabbed Windows Notepad replacement, with source available
  1462. TalkWrite - RiscOS word processor designed for younger users
  1463. Tamoggemon Editor - Shareware text editor for WebOS by Tam Hanna
  1464. TaterEdit - A cross-platform text editor (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  1465. TCD - a java-based editor that feels like an IbmEditorFamily mainframe editor
  1466. TCLTextEdit - A text editor and IDE in Tcl
  1467. TDE - Thomson-Davis Editor (public domain, DOS, Windows, Linux)
  1468. TE - Ferguson's Tiny Editor for DOS (WordStar style)
  1469. TEA - the Qt-based multi-functional, cross-platform text editor
  1470. Tech-Edit - Shareware OS/2 editor with macros, similar to E
  1471. TechWriter - Word processor for RiscOS with eqaution editing
  1472. TECO - Text Editor and COrrecter, a text processing language on DEC systems
  1473. Ted (MSX) - MSX text editor
  1474. TED 1.1 - Rewrite of PC Magazine's TED, to handle Unix line endings
  1475. Ted for Linux - Free text editor for Linux
  1476. ted for Multics - Extended version of qedx
  1477. Ted for NT - Free text editor for NT
  1478. Ted for X - A small, powerful open source text editor for X-Windows
  1479. TED Notepad - A free Windows Notepad replacement
  1480. TED - Tom Kihlken's tiny (3k) PC Magazine text editor for DOS
  1481. Ted2 - Rewrite of PC Magazine's TED, adding character search, and ability to enter extended ASCII chars
  1482. Ted3 - Rewrite of PC Magazine's TED, adding WordStar compatibility and other features
  1483. TedL - An easy rich text processor for Linux
  1484. TEDNASM - PC Magazine's TED 1.0, based on source code converted to Netwide Assembler (NASM) format
  1485. TED-OS2 - Tom Kihlken's TED editor for OS/2
  1486. TedPlus - Rewrite of PC Magazine's TED, adding a few features
  1487. TejpWriter - PalmOS? text editor for memos/doc files/zText files/ASCII files
  1488. TeksNotes - Freeware plain text editor for Windows Mobile Smartphones
  1489. Tempus - Shareware text editor for the Atari SI
  1490. Tentacle - Experimental editor to test future directions for Scintilla
  1491. Tera TextEditor - Freeware multi-function Windows text editor
  1492. Terse - Yossi Gil's rewrite of TED to use Brief command set
  1493. Tetradraw - A fully featured ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems
  1494. Tex-Edit Plus - Shareware scriptable text editor for the Macintosh
  1495. TeXmacs - Gnu Emacs with support for the TeX typesetting language
  1496. TeXMaker - Open source Cross-platform LaTeX IDE
  1497. TeXMakerX - Fork of the TexMaker? LaTex IDE
  1498. TeXnicCenter - Open source LaTeX IDE for Windows
  1499. TeXStudio - Open source IDE for LaTeX development, formerly TeXMakerX
  1500. Text EDIT - Text editing system based on the Wordstar and Borland Editor command set for MS-DOS
  1501. Text Editor 1.0 - Simple text editor written in Java
  1502. Text Master - Freeware windows plain text editor and Notepad replacement
  1503. Text Tree - Shareware outline based editor for writers
  1504. TexT - An open source text editor for PalmOS
  1505. TextAdept - Extensible open source editor using Lua
  1506. TextAdept-vi - Lua extensions for TextAdept to make it resemble VIM
  1507. TextEd - A texteditor for Windows
  1508. TextEdit - Freeware Notepad replacement and web editor
  1509. TextEditorPlusPlus Open source text editor written in Java
  1510. Texter - Open source text editor for Windows
  1511. TextForge - Text editor for Mac OS X, written using the Cocoa API
  1512. TextHawk - Code editor with syntax highlighting for Windows
  1513. Textit - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement
  1514. TextMate - Commercial Mac OS/X editor with outlining
  1515. TextMorph - A text reformatter and simple text editor
  1516. TextPad - A Windows based text editor
  1517. Textplorer - Syntax highlighting editor that colorizes structured data files (CSV, tab-delimited, etc.)
  1518. TextRoom - A cross platform full screen text editor for writers
  1519. Texts - WYSIWYM Markdown editor for Mac OS X and Windows
  1520. TextShield - Freeware compact Rich Text editor
  1521. Textastic - Text editor for iPad, iPhone, and Macintosh
  1522. TextTrix - General purpose text editor written in Java
  1523. TextUML Toolkit - Open source IDE for development using UML
  1524. Texturizer - Text editor for windows
  1525. TextView - Text editor class offered as part of Android OS primitives
  1526. TextViewer - Freeware Windows Notepare replacement with RTF
  1527. TextWrangler - Freeware text editor for the Macintosh, from the authors of BBEdit
  1528. Text Writer - 8-bit Atari word processor with on-screen ruler
  1529. THE - The Hessling Editor
  1530. TheAHKPad - Open source editor for AutoHotkey scripts
  1531. TheDraw - Text editor for MS DOS to create ANSI and animations as well as ASCII art
  1532. TheGun - Tiny text editor in MASM
  1533. TheSemwareEditor or TSE-Pro - Windows programmer's editor.
  1534. Thesistant - Open source editor designed for thesis writing
  1535. TIA - "Tiny IDE for Ada/Anything?" open source text-mode IDE
  1536. TickleText - Open source text editor for Linux written in TclTk
  1537. tIDE - Open source IDE for Java development written in Java
  1538. TigerII Minipad - Freeware notepad replacement with syntax highlighting and regular expressions
  1539. Tilde - Open source comfortable Linux editor for those used to GUI editors
  1540. Tincta - Freeware Mac OS X text editor with simplicity in mind
  1541. Tinn - Tinn Is Not Notepad, a free, open source Windows Notepad replacement
  1542. Tinn-R - Tinn Is Not Notepad enhanced for use with the S language
  1543. TintWare - Emacs clone using Tint language
  1544. Tiny Editor (TE) - Freeware optimized by exe size, memory footprint and system resources text editor
  1545. Tiny hexer - Free hex editor for binary files
  1546. TinyEdit - Free portable text editor
  1547. TinyHexEditor - Freeware hex editor for Windows
  1548. TinyMCE - javascript editor for embedding in web pages
  1549. Titano - Open source IDE for Gnome using Glade and GTK+
  1550. TI-Writer - Standard word processor for TI-99/4a. Cartridge + disk combination
  1551. TJ2 - Early text formatter for the PDP-1
  1552. TkEdit - A text editor written in TclTk
  1553. TkEmacs - Open source Emacs widget for Tcl-Tk
  1554. TkNotePad - A Windows Notepad style editor in TclTk
  1555. Tkoutline - A cross-platform open source outline editor in TclTk
  1556. Tloona - Open source IDE for Tcl/Tk?. Itcl/Itk?, and Xotcl
  1557. TM - Tiny open source MS-DOS editor emulating Emacs, with incremental search and unlimited undo
  1558. Tomahawk PDF Plus - Word processor creating PDF files as output
  1559. TopGun - an editor written in MASM for Windows
  1560. Topologi Markup Editor - Commercial validating XML Editor for Windows
  1561. Tor - MSX text editor
  1562. TotalEdit - Windows based freeware editor with code folding, hex editor, unicode support
  1563. TotalEditPro - Commercial editor with multi database query analyzer support
  1564. Touchqode - Text/code editor for Android
  1565. tpad - A Tcl text editor by Antonio Bonifati
  1566. TPE - Turbo Powered Editor - Freeware MS-DOS editor based on Borland's Turbo Editor Toolbox
  1567. TPU - DEC Text Processing Utility on OpenVMS
  1568. Transie - Open source dual-pane Linux editor for translator
  1569. Transnote - Open source transparent Notepad replacement in C#
  1570. Treebeard - Open source XML/XSLT IDE
  1571. Trellian CodePad - Replacement for Windows NotePad including syntax highlighting
  1572. Trived - Trivial editor
  1573. TSC Text Processor - Technical Systems Corp. text editor for SWTPC 6800/6809 based micros
  1574. TSPF - Tritus SPF/PDF (no longer available.)
  1575. tsWebEditor - PHP, HTML, XML web editor (Windows, free)
  1576. TundraDraw Open source, cross-platform ASCII art editor
  1577. TurboBASIC - Borland's old MS-DOS IDE for BASIC
  1578. TurboC - Borland's old MS-DOS IDE for C
  1579. TurboEdit - Freeware Windows editor with syntax highlighting and code folding
  1580. TurboHex - Commercial hex editor for Windows
  1581. TurboPad - Open source editor with tabs, syntax highlighting and folding using Scintilla
  1582. TurboPascal - Borland's old MS-DOS IDE for Pascal
  1583. TurboProlog? - Borland's old MS-DOS IDE for Prolog
  1584. TurboRuby - Commercial IDE for Ruby language development
  1585. TurboText - an AmigaDOS editor (see also NE)
  1586. Turbo Text Editor - Open source Android text editor
  1587. TV - TV Editor was a visual editor with a command line available on DEC 20 systems
  1588. TVEDIT - Early (1962) video text editor at Stanford University
  1589. TVO - The Vim Outliner open source Vim outlining plugin
  1590. tvx - Open source editor emulating vi - predecessor of Vide
  1591. tweak - Open source UNIX hex editor using ncurses
  1592. Twin - split-buffer editor for Acorn BBC Micro and others.
  1593. Twistpad - Shareware Notepad replacement and programmer's editor
  1594. tX - Open source Tabular XML Editor
  1595. TXE - A Java based XML editor using the Oracle Document Object Model
  1596. TxEdit - Shareware Notepad replacement with MDI interface and tray support
  1597. txtpro - Shareware Windows text editor with tabbed interface and syntax highlighting
  1598. TypeIt - Free Malayalam language editor for Windows
  1599. Typopheus Notes - Freeware Windows text editor and notepad
  1600. TYPSET - Line editor for Project MAC at MIT, running on DEC hardware
  1601. UCSD P-system Editor - Modal source code editor for the several languages supported by the P-system
  1602. Udev - Open source Rapid Application Development IDE for C++
  1603. ue - Tiny console editor for Linux with WordStar Key mapping
  1604. Ued - Useful Editor a small, fast, ASCII editor
  1605. Ulipad - Open source wxPython powered, programmer's editor
  1606. UltimatePlusPlus - Open source cross-platform C++ development IDE
  1607. UltraEdit - Powerful commercial programmer's editor for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms
  1608. Ulysses - a text editor for creative writers
  1609. UNA - Cross-platform real-time collaborative software development environment
  1610. UnicEdit - Simple open source Unicode text editor for Windows
  1611. UniPad - the unicode text editor
  1612. UniRed - unicode plain text editor for Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP
  1613. uni-SPF - The Workstation Group's ISPF clone for Unix and Windows
  1614. Unity Programmer's Editor - Shareware text editor for MS-DOS
  1615. UnityScript Editor - Freeware Windows editor for Unity 3D JavaScript coding
  1616. uni-Xedit - The Workstation Group's Xedit clone for Unix and Windows
  1617. Urdu Nigar - Freeware Unicode Windows editor for writing in Urdu
  1618. uSk - Micro SideKlik? richedit editor written in Assembler (9K)
  1619. UtahEdit - A text editor for MsDos -- see NevadaEdit for CP/M
  1620. VbsEdit - Shareware Windows editor for VBScript programming
  1621. VBX - Box Painter for MS-DOS
  1622. VCHE - Open source hex editor for Linix and Windows
  1623. VDE - Freeware WordStar style text editor for DOS and CP/M (Windows LFN aware)
  1624. ve - Open source portable vi-like editor from BeOS?
  1625. VECCE - Video Ecce (qv)
  1626. VED - Open source text editor component of Poplog
  1627. VEDIT - fast, commercial large-file programmer's editor (Windows, DOS)
  1628. veditor - Open-source Eclipse based VHDL editor
  1629. Ve-EDIT - Open source, web hosted source code editor for programmers
  1630. Venis IX - Visual Environment for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).
  1631. Ventura Publisher - Former MS-DOS DTP program, now owned by Corel and available for Windows
  1632. VersaEdit - A programmers text editor
  1633. VerySimpleText - Open source simple text editor for .txt files
  1634. Vex - Open source, cross-platform visual editor for XML in Java
  1635. VI Distributed - Open source distributed ncurses based editor
  1636. VI - free, always on Unix. Available for DOS, other platforms
  1637. Vian - Open source web hosted vi style text editor in JavaScript
  1638. Vic - Open source, free text editor based on HiEdit? control written in AutoHotkey
  1639. Vide - Open source programmer's IDE by Dr. Bruce Wampler
  1640. VIDE - VIsual Display Ecce (qv)
  1641. vIDE-Verilog - Open source IDE for development in Verilog
  1642. ViEmu - Vi/vim emulation for Visual Studio, Word, Outlook and SQL Server
  1643. VietPad - Open source cross platform Unicode editor for Vietnamese
  1644. vigor - another vi clone
  1645. VILE - VI editor clone that adds multiple buffers/windows a la Emacs
  1646. VIM - free, powerful programmer's editor (Linux, Windows, many platforms)
  1647. ViMate - vi emulation for TextMate
  1648. VimCE - A port of Vim to the PocketPC
  1649. VimOutliner - An outlining editor based on VIM
  1650. Vimperator - Plugin to make Firefox behave like Vi
  1651. VimTouch - Open source port of Vim to Android
  1652. Viper IDE - Open source client-server based multi-developer IDE
  1653. viPlugin - vi emulation for Eclipse.
  1654. Virtual Pascal - Free cross-platform Pascal IDE
  1655. VIrus - Open source minimalist vi implementation taken from Busybox
  1656. Visi-On Word - Word processor component of the early Visi-On environment
  1657. Vision Edit - Shareware DOS text editor with Borland interface
  1658. Visual MinGW - Open source IDE for GCC Compiler suite on Windows
  1659. Visual PureBasic IDE - Open source IDE for PureBasic? coding
  1660. VisualSlickEdit - Commercial GUI version of Slickedit, developed by author of IBM E editor
  1661. Visual TeX - Open source Windows editor for TeX code
  1662. Visual Tkinter - Open source IDE for Python development
  1663. Visual Typewriter - Shareware Windows editor with typewriter interface
  1664. Visual XHarbour - Commercial IDE for the XHarbour XBASE programming language
  1665. VisualHDL - Open source Windows IDE for development in HDL and THDL
  1666. VisualStudio - Microsoft's IDE for programming in MS C, C++, VisualBASIC?? and others
  1667. Visual Studio Code - Freeware cross-platform Microsoft IDE for programming in ASP.NEt and Node.js
  1668. VisualWX - Freeware Windows IDE for RAD development in c++, python, perl, ruby, lua and wxWidget
  1669. viWord - vi emulation for MS Word (experimental)
  1670. VIXEN - Open source IDE for XBLite programming, written in XBLite
  1671. VolumRTF - Open source RTF editor in Hungarian
  1672. VOoM - Vim Outliner of Markers - open source two-pane outliner
  1673. Vython Studio Open source IDE for graphic RAD in python
  1674. Wain - Freeware Windows programmer's editor
  1675. WAPIDE - Open source IDE for WAP development
  1676. WASABI - Open source IDE for Befunge written in Java
  1677. Wavemaker - Visual Ajax IDE for web development
  1678. WeaverSlave - Freeware Windows text editor with MDI interface
  1679. Web Coder - Freeware Windows editor for HTML, ASP, and PHP
  1680. Web Notepad - Shareware Windows editor for HTML coding
  1681. Webbo - Open source editor for web development based on QuickSharp
  1682. WebDevIDE - Open source web hosted IDE
  1683. Webmaster's HTML Editor - HTML editor for Android devices
  1684. WebStudio - Shareware project oriented web development package
  1685. WebTide - Freeware HTML editor for Windows
  1686. WED - Open source Windows text editor
  1687. WED (MS-Dos) - Full-featured text editor for MS-DOS
  1688. Wendin? - a source package for text editor advertised in DDJ 1980s.
  1689. WEVE - Wonderful EVE (an enhanced version of EVE)
  1690. WhizFolders - Shareware Notepad with hierarchal organizer
  1691. WhizNote - Freeware Windows text editor and note organizer
  1692. WIDE - Open source Web IDE/command line interface
  1693. WideStudio - Japanese open source programmer's IDE
  1694. wikiDpad - Open source cross-platform wiki notebook written in Python
  1695. Wily - A clone of Bell Labs ACME ide/texteditor.
  1696. Win32Forth - Open source Windows IDE for Forth development
  1697. win32pad - A Notepad replacement
  1698. WinAsmStudio - Free IDE for Assembly language development
  1699. WinEdit - Shareware Windows text editor with macro language
  1700. WinEdt - Text editor with a strong predisposition for LaTeX documents
  1701. Winefish - Open Source LaTeX editor for Linux
  1702. WinF - Shareware Windows editor featuring code folding
  1703. Wing IDE - A commercial IDE for development in Python
  1704. WinHex - Shareware Hex Editor & Disk Editor for Windows
  1705. WinHP - Open source Windows editor for HP 48/49 calculator files
  1706. Wink - A mouseless DOS word processor for writers
  1707. WinPad - Freeware windows Notepad replacement with RTF editing
  1708. WinPedit - Windows version of DOS Pedit editor
  1709. WinPTE - Shareware professionsl text engine for Windows
  1710. WinShell - An IDE for LaTeX scripts
  1711. Winsyntax - Freeware PHP code editor with syntax highlighting
  1712. WinVI - Freeware Windows GUI vi clone
  1713. Word Fugue - Shareware MS-DOS word processor from Australia
  1714. Word Magic - Atari word processor with spell checker
  1715. WordGrinder - Open source "word processor for words"
  1716. WordMaster - early predecessor of WordStar
  1717. WordPerfect Editor - Reduced version of the WordPerfect word processor
  1718. WordStar - one of the original Word Processors (DOS, Windows; no longer sold)
  1719. Wordster - Freeware console mode text editor for Windows using WordStar command set
  1720. WordTabs - Free tabbed WordPad replacement by the author of NotesPad
  1721. Wordwise - Word processor for the BBC Micro
  1722. WPE - A text editor for DEC systems modelled after WPS+
  1723. WPS-PLUS - Word Processor component of DEC's All-In-One office suite
  1724. Write3 - Freeware Rich Text Format editor
  1725. Writeage - Microsoft Word plugin to handle Markdown
  1726. WriteAndSet - A WordStar like editor with separate formatter.
  1727. WriteItNow - Shareware writer's too for Windows and Mac OS/X
  1728. WriteMonkey - Freeware full screen editor for writers
  1729. Writer - The Internet Typewriter, web hosted editor emulating a typewriter
  1730. WriteRoom - Text editor for Mac OS/X
  1731. WriterPad - Freeware text editor with outlining
  1732. Writers Cafe - Cross platform fiction writing software for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS/X
  1733. WriteSpace - Open source Word plugin to provide full screen editing ala Dark Room
  1734. wxDesigner - Shareware cross-plarform dialog editor and RAD tool for wxWidgets
  1735. WxDev-CPlusPlus - An extension of Dev C++ for WxWidgets???
  1736. wxDeveloperStudio - Open source Linux IDE for wxWidgets development
  1737. wxHatch - Open source, cross platform IDE for wxWindows development
  1738. wxHexEditor - A free hex editor / disk editor for Linux, Windows and MacOSX?
  1739. wxKonTEXT - Open source syntax highlighting editor written in Python
  1740. wxLua - Open source Lua scripting language wrapper around the wxWidgets cross-platform C++ GUI library.
  1741. WX-PType - Open source text editor in VB for Farsi
  1742. wxStEdit - Open source library and sample program based on wxWidgets's wxStyledTextCtrl? wrapper for Scintilla
  1743. wxWorkshop - Freeware IDE and RAD development tool for wxWidgets
  1744. Wylbur - A mainframe TextEditor (see SuperWylber too)
  1745. wyoEditor - Cross-platform editor based on the Scintilla Edit Component
  1746. X2 - a multiplatform text editor much like SlickEdit and the IbmEditorFamily.
  1747. x32lab - Open source Linux IDE for multiple language development
  1748. xacc.ide - Open source IDE for .NET development written in C#
  1749. XAmple - A Java based XML editor
  1750. XBuildStudio - Open source Windows IDE for remote Unix/Linux? development
  1751. XCode -Apple's programmer's IDE for Mac OS/X
  1752. XCoral - a GUI based editor for UNIX/Linux
  1753. XED - An XML document instance editor
  1754. xed - original unix ed line editor for X11
  1755. xed-1.3 - An interactive editor for X using the Athena widgets
  1756. xed-Debian - A Debian Linux TclTk implementation of the standard editor ed
  1757. xedit - original X11 Windows editor
  1758. XEDIT - VM/CMS aka VM/ESA aka zVM system product editor
  1759. XeditForJava - A version of the famed XEDIT text editor, written in Java for use as an Applet.
  1760. XEDIT-NOS - Line editor from University of Minnesota for CDC machines running NOS
  1761. XedPlus - Open source text editor for X11 from SIAG office package
  1762. Xed-TclTk - A TclTk text editor
  1763. Xed-USGS - A text editor, for Linux and Windows
  1764. Xeena - A Java based XML editor from IBM
  1765. XEmacs - a spin-off of GnuEmacs, with better support under X -- very nice.
  1766. Xerlin - Extensible Java based XML modelling environment
  1767. XGP - Open source IDE for gprolog under Mac OS/X
  1768. xint - Open source Windows Notepad replacement
  1769. XINX - Open source French language XML editor
  1770. XML Copy Editor - Open source validating XML editor
  1771. XML Marker - An XML Editor that uses a synchronized table-tree-and-text display
  1772. XMLBlueprint XML Editor - Commercial XML editor for Windows
  1773. XMLEditor - Open source XML editor for Linux
  1774. XMLEditPro - Freeware XML editor for Windows
  1775. XMLFox - Freeware validating XML Editor for Windows
  1776. XMLMax - Commercial validating XML Editor for Windows designed for unlimited file size
  1777. XMLmind - Commercial XML editor
  1778. xmloperator - Open source Java based XML editor
  1779. XMLPro - Open source XML editor
  1780. XmlShell - Shareware validating XML editor
  1781. XMLQuire - Freeware Windows XML Editor
  1782. XMLSpy - Altova's commercial XML editor for Windows
  1783. XMLWrench - The simple XML editor
  1784. Xmplify - Powerful and elegant XML Editor built specifically for Mac OS X
  1785. XNoteBoard - Open source text editor with paint features for tablet PCs
  1786. Xopus - Commercial WYSIWYG XML editor that runs in a browser
  1787. XPad - Freeware Windows Notepad replacement with multiple clipboards
  1788. Xpad - Freeware Windows text editor based on .NET framework
  1789. XPontus - Open source XML editor written in Java
  1790. XRay2 - Free XML editing environment
  1791. xReplace - Open source procedural text editor
  1792. xRope - Open source IDE for Puthon development with GUI builder
  1793. xsdeditor - Open source XML editor intended for XML Schema files
  1794. XSed - a Scintilla based editor for XBLite code
  1795. XStandard - XHTML/CSS editor for Mac OS/X
  1796. XTC - Text Editor for Wendin-DOS (MS-DOS)
  1797. Xted - Freeware MS-DOS editor designed for inclusion in Norton Commander but usable stand alone
  1798. xvi - a portable multi-file text editor based on vi
  1799. xvi32 - Open source hex editor with scripting
  1800. Xwpe-ALPHA - A Unix programming environment
  1801. XyWrite - a MsDos word processor with text editing capabilities since it produced clean ASCII files.
  1802. xyzzy - one of emacsen, which has common lisp as macro language
  1803. Yagarto - Open source Eclipse plugin for ARM development
  1804. YeahWrite - Shareware "fill in the blanks" word processor
  1805. yedit - Freeware editor for Fortan programming in 72 column format
  1806. yedit2 - Open source text editor for Windows and Linux with countdown word counter
  1807. YetAnotherEditor - Linux editor similar to Gnu Nano
  1808. Yi - a text editor written and extensible in Haskell
  1809. Yikes 2 - Freeware Windows editor modeled after DOS EDIT
  1810. YR-Emacs - Open source emacs editor based on Conroy MicroEmacs
  1811. yudit - Freeware Unicode text editor for #nix
  1812. yWriter - "Novel writing software" written by Simon Haynes, an author with three novels in print
  1813. Z - Microsoft M editor's other name (a direct source code derivative of Yale's Version of z)
  1814. z - The Yale and Tulane Z Programmer's Editors for DEC Tops 20, VMS, Unix, Linux
  1815. z80emacs - An Emacs editor for the CP/M OS
  1816. ZABED - Freeware DOS text editor. There is a Win console version called z95.
  1817. zamiaCAD - Open source IDE in Java for VHDL development
  1818. zap for UNIX - Simple open source hex editor for UNIX, VMS, MS-DOS
  1819. Zap - RiscOS text editor
  1820. ZDE - ZSystem Editor (ZCPR3- based TextEditor)
  1821. zDevStudio - Open source IDE for Zilog Z80 CPU development
  1822. Zdocj - Open source text editor for Palm "doc" files
  1823. Zed - a UNIX text editor from England.
  1824. ZED - a UNIX text editor from Italy.
  1825. ZED-128 - Text editor for the C128
  1826. ZED-DOC - Editor written in TECO, and later in Mock-Lisp, by Vaughan Pratt
  1827. ZED-IBM - Text editor on IBM mainframes developed at the University of Cambridge
  1828. zedit - Freeware editor for Fortran programming in 132 column format
  1829. zeditor-ezx - Open source text editor for Motorola smartphone
  1830. Zee - a lightweight text editor and IDE for POSIX systems
  1831. Zen Studio - Open source IDE component for Zen Open Source Software
  1832. zemacs - Lisp extensions for Gnu Emacs to improve the interface and extend the editor
  1833. zendStudio - Commercial PHP development environment, based on Eclipse
  1834. 'ZeroBraneStudio - Open source Lua IDE based on Estrela
  1835. Zeus - Windows programmer's editor that supports Brief, Emacs, WordStar and Epsilon keyboard mappings.
  1836. ZeusLite - Freeware Windows text editor with syntax highlighting, MDI interface and ftp editing.
  1837. Zile - Zile is lossy Emacs
  1838. Zim - Desktop wiki and outliner for Linux
  1839. ZinjaI - Open source Spanish language C++ IDE for Linux and Windows
  1840. ZionEdit - An intuitive, configurable, light and uncluttered programmer's editor
  1841. Zmacs - Editor based on Emacs supplied with the TI Explorer Lisp Machine
  1842. zoinks - Open source programmer's editor for Linux/X11
  1843. zScope - Telnet/SSH client and code editor with 3270 and 5250 emulation
  1844. ZuluPad - "Notepad on crack", in open source and shareware versions
  1845. ZWEI - "Zwei Was Eine, Initially", another Lisp machine emacs version
  1846. Z-Write - Shareware Macintosh word processor for creative writers

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