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 Java development IDE in Java

 Author:   J. Plaz, S. Heiss
 Family:   JavaBasedEditors, IDEFamily
 Platform: Sun Java Virtual Machine
 License:  Open source

The Schmortopf IDE is driven by a JavaCC? generated parser. It has code-completion, syntax styling, object and text search actions, projectdefinitions, integrated JavaDoc? generation and display, integrated creation of simple or signed JAR and JNLP archives and an UML feature.

It has a complete automatic dependency mechanism, so that the JavaC? compiler only compiles a minimal set of classes of your project. The IDE compiles all files one initial time after a project has been loaded and envokes the compiler incrementally for all later compiler starts.

The code-completion makes no difference between projectfiles, Java JDK source files, and sourcefiles or class files in additional jar libraries. This way you can jump around between these files using CodeCompletion? and object search seamlessly. The structure of classfiles automatically is translated (using reflection) into java syntax.

The IDE needs a JSDK of version 1.5 or later.


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