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 Open source VMS EDT clone for Linux, Unix

 Maintainer: Carl Kindman
 Homepage:   http://edt-text-editor.sourceforge.net/
 Family:     DecFamily, LinuxEditorFamily, UnixEditorFamily  
 Platform:   Linux, Unix, Cygwin
 License:    Open source

Uses the EDT keypad layout

The Edt editor is a simple text editor for rapid text manipulation. Common operations are accessed by single keys on the numeric key-pad (to the right of the character key-board). Styled after the DEC VMS EDt/EVE/TPU editors, Edt is simple to use. It maximizes flexibility from the fewest number of commands and key-operators. Like most modern editors, you normally operate in full-screen insert mode, while moving around, deleting/pasting, etc..

Edt contains four built-in buffers:

   1. character buffer,
   2. word buffer (delineated by white-space),
   3. line buffer (delineated by <carriage-returns>),
   4. paste buffer (arbitrary length). 

Additionally, you may create and switch between an arbitrary number of separate -user-named- text buffers.

The editor maintains one level of back-up for any file edited so you can always revert to the previous version even in the unlikely event of a save error. The editor maintains continuous journaling for error recovery down to within a few keystrokes, in the event of a system failure during an editing session.

Provided as a source tarball

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