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 Freeware cross-platform Unicode text editor

 Author:   Sophist Solutions, Inc.
 Homepage: http://www.sophists.com/Led/LedIt/
 Family:   UnicodeEditorFamily MacintoshEditorFamily UnixEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Mac OS/X X-Windows
 License:  Freeware
 Screenshot: (Mac OS/X)

LedLineIt! is a free, easy to use, cross-platform, multi-lingual text editor. It is small, quick, and capable. LedLineIt! supports editing extremely large files, syntax coloring, UTF-8, UNICODE, code page conversions and many more features.

LedLineIt! is based on the Led rich text editor building class library. Also available from Sophist Solutions are LedIt! - a free word processor, ActiveLedIt?! - an ActiveX? control word processor, and

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