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 A text editor written by and for assembly language programmers. 

 Author:   Steve Hutchesson
 Family:   TinyEditors
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware, permitted to use in commercial and government projects

TopGun is a follow-on to the author's prior TheGun product, which weighs in at all of 6K. Hutch also has a more sophisticated editor called QuickEditor that takes a whopping 37K.


"TopGun is a freestanding portable executable application written in Microsoft Assembler (MASM). It is a tool designed to be fast and is targetted at "savvy" users who need a fast text editor. It uses a "registry safe" design that neither reads or writes to the registry, it does not use any "side by side" DLLs and it needs no additional files to run by itself." (copied from home page)

Very small, around 17k (that's right, kilobytes!)

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