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 Miniature programming editor (37k) by the author of TheGun and TopGun.

 Author:   Steve Hutchesson 
 Email:    no.spam.hutch@no.spam.movsd.com (remove "no.spam" to send)
 Homepage: http://www.movsd.com/qed.htm
 Family:   TinyEditors
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Freeware


"The current version builds at 35k in size and for this increase in size, it has a scripting engine of its own, it has full true type support for both display and printing, it is fully drag and drop enabled between instances, can now open text files in excess of 10 megabytes in size, it will both open and save binary files in HEX notation, it can close and save all instances from any single instance, it has additional functionality in both search and replace and is progressively configurable with the add in DLLs that are supplied with it." (copied from the home page)

Also supports auto-indent, tab-to-space conversion, drag-and-drop for files or text, more.

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