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 This is a member of the DecFamily and is essentially a package of MacroLanguage code to enhance the EVE into looking more like EDT

 Author:   [Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation]
 Homepage: http://www.decus.org/libcatalog/document_html/v00279_1.html
 Family:   DecFamily
 Platform: VMS
 License:  Commercial

As described on the DECUS page...

WEVE (Wonderful EVE Editor) is an EVE editor interface that has been enhanced with several user written VAXTPU procedures. The editor is VT220 and VT100 compatible. This software is intended to give current EDT users an interface that emulates EDT, but also incorporates the more powerful features of VAXTPU, such as windowing, multiple buffers intimately related to specific files, spawn, and dcl command. Several functions were also written to do things such as automatic indenting, jump to previous buffer, delete buffer, clear buffer, automatic jump to file that cursor points to, show current line number, join line, begin of line only find, alternate cursor behavior option, show all buffer names, and automatic documentation template insertion. As well, several procedures needed to be written to emulate different aspects of EDT function editing behavior.

It was written by the [Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation].

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