E4 Editor

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E4 Editor - Multi-file text editor for MS-DOS

 Author:    N. Faulks 
 Download:  http://archives.scovetta.com/pub/simtelnet/msdos/editor/e4dv204.zip
 Family:    MsDosEditors
 License:   Shareware
 Availability: yes
 Platform:  MSDOS

E4 is a powerful multi-file text editor with outlining, macros, SVGA support, and in-editor compilation and error tracking.

E4 is a complete Program Development Environment. You can compile from within the editor, a single file or a whole project. You can also run your program from within the editor, with or without a debugger.

E4 can shrink in size to only 2K, leaving plenty of memory free for your program.

The registered version of E4 comes with a program to trap error messages from a wide range of compilers. You can then step through compilation errors one by one, the cursor is taken to the erroneous line and the error message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. This works across different source files and for most languages (mixed languages are supported), even some linker errors are tracked to the original source file.

Comes with Boxer, Qedit, Wordstar, CUA, Word Perfect, Borland IDE key mapping files.

There is also a E4-Deluxe (enhanced version of E4) that provides pull-down menus. It is a separate product.

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