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 Open source, cross-platform IDE for people studying programming

 Authors:  Grygoriy Zlobin, Andriy Shevchyk, Volodymyr Shevchyk, Victor Sklyar  
 Homepage: http://www.kuzya.wpoonline.com/en/
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X
 License:  GPL
"A reason for creation of another environment of development were apparent defects of existent shells which are related with mastering skills of programming and constructions of algorithms by students. At the study of programming on junior courses, a basic accent is put on mastering of methods and algorithms of programming, on understanding of principles of work of computer, and also software and hardware co-operations. Big power and high functionality of modern professional environments of development, in our case, is basic failing, from excessive complication of mastering their by students.Too much time goes to the study of shell,instead of efective to use it for the decision of adjusted tasks"


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