Word Fugue

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 Shareware MS-DOS word processor from Australia

 Author:   Fugue Software
 Homepage: http://www.fuguesoftware.com/wf.htm
 Family:   WordProcessorFamily WordStarFamily MsDosEditors
 Platform: IBM PC
 License:  Shareware

"This is a heavy duty Word Processing Program intended for a wide variety of word processing and editing tasks. As installed, it is ideal for the touch typist - there is no need to take your hands off the home row to activate any of the functions.

The novice should have no difficulty in using the program - the program is easy to learn, since it comes with context sensitive help available at the press of the F1 key. There is also a tutorial on the program disk, for novice users to try out the various functions.

The program comes supplied with industry standard Pull Down Menus to make learning it even easier. The point and select usage means that touch typists do not need to lift their hands from the home row. In addition, each command on the pull down menu can optionally display the command sequence needed to activate it, so novices can learn the commands. The pull down menu is activated by the F10 key.

The keyboard commands are fully configurable from an installation program. Many of the options are also configurable from inside the program. As supplied, it comes installed with a WordstarTM? compatible interface, which is the industry standard for editor programs. Experienced users do not need to use the pull down menus, since all functions of the menu are also available at the press of one or two keys."


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