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 IDE for C++/Fortran? development using PathScale? compiler

 Author:   PathScale? 
 Family:   IDEFamily 
 Platform: 64 bit CPUs/GPUs?
 License:  Commercial

DogFood (DF), the intelligent C++/Fortran IDE that delivers productivity without getting in the way of writing, reading and navigating code. DF is not afraid to break the rules and attempt to raise the bar on what an IDE should be. The engineers who work on DF are the engineers who also use DF. We love VIM and Emacs too, but sometimes there's a better way to visualize and organize the information. By tightly coupling the compiler with the IDE, we visualize deep feedback into what the performance of your codes before its ever even run.

Build your project, analyze for performance and immediately see which regions are red.

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Last edited November 30, 2014 1:22 pm (diff)