MCU 8051 IDE

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 Open source, cross-platform IDE for 8051 microntroller development

 Author:   Martin Ošmera
 Family:   IDEFamily LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows Linux
 License:  GPL
MCU 8051 IDE is integrated development enviroment for microcontrollers based on 8051.

Supported programming languages are C and assembly. It has its own assembler and support for 2 external assemblers. For C language it uses SDCC compiler.

This program is intended for Linux systems, other POSIX systems and Microsoft® Windows® system. There are packages for various Linux distributions (.RPM , .DEB and .ebuild) and an installer for MS Windows®.

This IDE contains simulator, source code editor, assembler, HW programmer and much other tools. Simulator supports over 79 MCU primarily from Atmel.

HW programmer supports 8 ISP programmable MCUs from Atmel (AT89Sxx, AT89LSxx).

There is also support for simple hardware simulation (like LEDs, keys, etc.).


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