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 Freeware console mode text editor for Windows with WordStar command set. 

 Author:   Paul Houle
 Homepage: http://paulhoule.com/ws/ 
 Family:   WordStarFamily
 Platform: Windows Console
 License:  Freeware

"Wordster is a fast, character mode (non-graphical) file editor. It's a Wordstar clone -- the non-document mode of WordStar (c) 6.0, the last version of that program I purchased in 1990. If you are familiar with any version of WordStar you should feel right at home editing an ASCII text file with Wordster. There are omissions, and there are differences (for example, defining function keys and ESC macro sequences is done via an .ini file instead of within a setup program). There are also enhancements -- for example, windows can be split vertically, and any screen dimension (e.g. a DOS box of 70 rows and 160 columns) is supported. Wordster is a full 32-bit program, so there is no limit on file size."


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