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 jupp is a fork of JOE with several bugfixes and some new features, such as a toggle making whitespace visible (spaces as ·, tabs as →).

 Author:   Joe H. Allen
 Homepage: http://www.mirbsd.org/jupp.htm
 Platform: Unix, BSD, MSDOS, Linux
 License:  GPL v1

Basic differences between joe and jupp are:

There are two major versions: 2.8 (mostly unchanged from JOE, except a minor bugfix patch, plus the new “jupp” mode, which is even closer to other WordStar-compatible editors; used on 16-bit DOS) and 3.1juppX (used on Unix/Linux?-compatible systems and Windows via Cygwin), the latter containing (besides a much enhanced “jupp” mode) all the new features of JOE 3.1, some backports of later JOE versions’ features, tons of bugfixes, and a few self-developed features.

The homepage offers pre-built DOS (2.8) and Windows (3.1juppX) binaries besides source code (under GPLv1).

This is a tiny editor; x86 binaries weigh in around 280–320K depending on OS and libc used to compile it with (jupp does not need termcap or curses (but can used it) and supports dietlibc and klibc besides the obvious glibc, µClibc-ng, musl).

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