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 Open source programmable editor for Windows in .NET 3.5

 Author:   Steve Walker
 Homepage: http://quickmate.sourceforge.net/
 Family:   DotNETEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows with .NET 3.5
 License:  GPL
Create the editor you want...

QuickMate is a fully programmable text editor for Windows. It provides a versatile and highly customizable tool suitable for a wide range of editing tasks from maintaining web sites to developing applications. Beyond this, QuickMate provides a deep level of programmability via it's built-in JavaScript interpreter which provides huge scope for modifying and extending its built-in functionality. Finally, being developed on an open and flexible .NET-based platform, QuickMate can be extended at its core level using languages such as C#.

QuickMate requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework; if you're using Windows 7 you already have everything you need. XP and Vista users may need an update from Microsoft.

QuickMate is free software and may be downloaded from Sourceforge.


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