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 Open source Cross-platform IDE based on Qt for C, C++, and Qt development

 Author:   Ulrich Gehring
 Family:   IDEFamily LinuxEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows Linux
 License:  GPL
BabyDevelop is an lightweight Integrated Development Environment based on Qt for C, C++ and Qt development. It means, that only the most essential feature are contained. Thus it is particularly suitable for beginners in programming and minimalist sytems too. For example Puppy Linux and other minimalist systems. BabyDevelop required only 12 MB disc space. (5 MB for the program, 7 Mb for examples) Integrated easy examples in C/C++/Qt? allow the junior-developer to develop programms without big trouble. The programming language is C/C++ (Qt). Working with BabyDevelop is verry funny because it starts fast (ca. 3 secounds at 700 Mhz CPU) and opens projects in the same way. The time for compiling, linking and starting a program takes only fourth of the time which KDevelop needs.


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