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 An open source fork of Neil Hodgson's SciTE editor, incorporating Lua as script language and dynamic lexing

 Author:   Mitchell Foral
 Homepage: (404 02/04/13 --DMcCunney)
 Download: (404 02/04/13 --DMcCunney)
 Family:   ScintillaEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows, Linux with GtK??+
 License:  GPL

Note: apparently no longer maintained or supported. The functionality now appears to be contained in [Scintillua] a set of Lua lexers for SciTE intended to be added to a local SciTE installation. -DMcCunney 05/04/11

Mitchell's current efforts are focused on TextAdept, a Scintilla based editor primarily written in Lua

SciTE-st is a fork of Scintilla/SciTE? that has dynamic lexing capabilities. The stock Scintilla lexers are character iterators. Scintilla-st lexers are written using the [Lua "LPeg" library] and are generally more intuitive and easier to write.


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