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 Once popular, heavy-duty text editor for DOS and Windows with an awk-like MacroLanguage.

 Authors:  Eric Johnson, James Bessemer
 Family:   ScriptedEditorFamily
 Platform: MS-DOS, Windows
 License:  Commercial

Originally, it was PolytronProfessionalEditor? (Polytron also made PVCS) at InterSolv?. Then it became SageProfessionalEditor.

SageProfessionalEditor was bought out and became known as Compuware "Preditor".

It is no longer sold.

Original authors include:

EricJohnson? (404) (who went on to Premia who made CodeWright)

JamesBessemer? (who led the project) "As Chief Engineer at Sage/POLYTRON, I led the development of the Sage Professional Editor. SPE won Computer Language's Productivity award for 1990. Also rated "best of the big guns" in a 6/91 Computer Language review of 24 leading programmer editors. " (copied in order to preserve)

This editor won the JOLT award in 1990:

Published in ACM Library at :

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