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 The FRiendly EDitor

 Author:   Peter Fraser 
 Family:   LineEditorFamily MiniComputerFamily
 Platform: Honeywell GCOS
 License:  Commercial

Written at the University of Waterloo to run on a Honeywell system running GCOS, and modeled after Dennis Ritchie's qed editor.

The FRED Text Editor FRED is a line editor descended from the QED editor. It allows all the usual interactive editing operations: creating, deleting, modifying and saving text, global substitutions, and the like. In addition, it can be used to write sophisticated text manipulation programs. Our current library of stored FRED programs includes programs to play tic-tac-toe, to convert RUNOFF source into source for our TF text formatter, to generate and run an EXEC file to copy a catalog, and so on.

Some of the features that distinguish FRED from other editors are:

FRED comes complete with a reference manual, a tutorial for beginners, and a more advanced guide to writing FRED programs. There is also a small library of utility programs. FRED operates in TSS or batch.


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