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 Editkit extends Terry Loveall's lightweight editX project with other keymappings.

 Author:   Jean-Pierre Demailly
 Homepage: http://freecode.com/projects/editkit
 Family:   EmacsFamily, LinuxEditorFamily, TinyEditors, UnixEditorFamily, WordStarFamily 
 Platform: Linux, Unix
 License:  Public Domain

This package is derived from the Editor Kit edx-0.56 by Terry Loveall. Aside minor improvements of the editing routines (unlimited buffer size, left and right justification), it adds a variant of edx (aka emx) which uses Emacs bindings rather than Wordstar bindings. A compile switch also allows to produce edt/emt for VT100 consoles rather than for the X Window system. The editor engine is almost identical in all cases, provided by the routines contained in 'edit.c'. The programs just require the raw X11 libraries (edx/emx), or the termcap library (edt/emt).

Various compile options can be used to increase or reduce the feature set (see the Makefile for details).

In particular, the standard compile options yield the possibility to use arbitrary key bindings, bound to Alt-? or Esc-!-?. They should be copied to /usr/share/edmtx/edxrc (resp. to /usr/share/edmtx/emxrc, etc) for a system wide installation, or in $HOME/.edxrc (resp. $HOME/.emxrc, etc). Check 'rc.example' to get an idea.


The console-like emx editor using emacs-style key-bindings inside a standard X window.

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