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 A fast and powerful Emacs editor with short key bindings and a C-like scripting language.

 Author:    Richard Marinelli
 Homepage:  https://github.com/italia389/MightEMacs.git
 Family:    EmacsFamily
 License:   GPLv3
 Platform:  Unix, Linux (other variants possible).

Designed to be a fast and full-featured text editor. Goals of the project are to create an Emacs text editor that will:

MightEMacs is focused on editing files well and being easily extensible, but also being an editor that is not daunting -- one that can be learned fairly quickly by the average programmer. Features include:

MightEMacs also supports a C-like scripting language that is very powerful and fairly easy to learn. You can create your own commands (macros) which have the same capabilities as built-in commands, customize the editing session in various ways, and even create MightEMacs scripts that can be executed like a shell script.

(Note: MightEMacs is based on a fork of version 3.12 of Daniel Lawrence's MicroEmacs)

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