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 Ahed was a small freeware editor for MsDos, based on the Borland Editor Toolbox. 

 Author:       Michael A. Covington
 Download:     http://archives.scovetta.com/pub/simtelnet/msdos/editor/ahed06.zip
 Family:       MsDosEditors
 Platform:     MS-DOS
 License:      Freeware

It wasn't much of an editor, but it had an interesting feature that I've never seen anywhere else:

At a time when most MsDos machines didn't have mice, it had a keyboard-driven menu system in which the keystrokes used to navigate the menus were the same ones that would invoke the command without the menus. For example, if "save file" was ^K-s, pressing Escape would bring up the main menu bar, pressing ^K would bring up a sub-menu of commands prefixed with ^K, and pressing s would save the file. After you've done this a few times, you don't need the menus anymore. (Note that this only works with KeyboardLayouts in which related commands are grouped under the same prefix keys.)

Ws has the same feature --DMcCunney
In most modern GUI editors there are keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the menus, and the menus show the keyboard shortcuts for most commands, but the key sequences are not the same, so the menus don't teach you anything (see EasyVsPowerful). Most people either just use the menus, or look up the keyboard shortcuts in the manual.

Author: Michael A. Covington

        Advanced Computational Methods Center
        University of Georgia

Date: 10/12/1986

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