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 NED, a full-page text editor for cathode-ray tube (CRT) computer terminals.

 Author:   Rand Corporation
 Manual: (NED, the original release)
  (E19, the final release)
 Family:   DecFamily RandEditorsFamily
 Platform: UNIX
 License:  Public domain (copyright abandoned, 1983)

Developed at RAND, NED runs on the DEC PDP-11 minicomputers under the Unix operating system. It is used to process and edit text directly on a CRT screen without the intervention of a command language. The display provides a "window" which contains 37 lines of text. Further text may be brought into the window in a scrolling fashion. This text is altered by typing new material over old, by moving blocks of text around, or by deleting or adding lines. The editor commands are based on function keys built into the terminal keyboard (at RAND, the Ann Arbor 4080D CRT terminal). In addition, commands may have "arguments," which are typed in, in order to increase the scope of the editing functions. This report contains a general description of NED, a hands-on tutorial for beginning users, and a reference manual which includes all editor functions and commands.


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