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 Multics command for editing ASCII character stream files.

 Author:   Steve Webber
 Info:     http://web.mit.edu/multics-history/source/Multics/doc/info_segments/edm.info
 Family:   LineEditorFamily MulticsEditorFamily
 Platform: Multics
 License:  Commercial

"[Jerry Saltzer]: I did TYPSET for 12-bit line marked files on CTSS. Bob Daley liked it, revised it to work with 6-bit line marked files, and named the result EDL. EDA is a later revision to work with ASCII stream files, run on CTSS; at the time that CTSS was the staging area for Multics development. Similarly, roff was a rewrite of [my CTSS command] RUNOFF in BCPL to handle ASCII, again originally done on CTSS by Doug McIlroy?. EDA was ported to Multics as edm, by Steve Webber. ROFF was ported to Multics roff, by Art Evans (?)."

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