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 Text Composition Document Editor (TCD) Version 1 Release 2.0

 Author:       Cullen Programming Coporation
 Family:       MainframeEditorFamily, JavaBasedEditors
 Platform:     Sun Java Virtual Machine 1.3 or better
 Availability: Yes - email them
 License:      Freeware?

Per the company web page: The TCD Editor attempts to marry the functionality and similarity of the VM/CMS Xeditor Window system with the MVS/TSO Editor, while at preserving the flexibility of the PC's graphical user interface functions, such as Cut/Paste?, Menus, Pulldowns; and the usability of the mouse.

This program is written in SunMicrosystems? JAVA version 1.3 language employing IBM's NetRexx JAVA class libraries. The application will run in any environment that supports JAVA SWING 2 platform. This includes Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and OS/2. This program product is packaged with both the JAVA Run Environment and the NetRexx Run Environment libraries.


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