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 Open source Windows IDE for Lua coding

 Author:   Michal Kowalski
 Family:   LuaEditorFamily
 Platform: Windows
 License:  Open source

Lua Studio is a simple IDE for scripting language Lua, including syntax coloring editor and an integrated debugger.

Running Lua Program

When LuaStudio is up and running you can either start typing your new program, or load an existing one. When it's ready, click “Parse Document” icon or press F7. If there are syntactic errors status bar will show error message, and red marker will show up in the line containing the error. Fix it and press F7 again. Now your debugger session is open.

Debugging Lua Program

Each time F7 is pressed to parse current document, new Lua environment is initialized, and your program is loaded. It can be run by pressing F5, or traced step by step with Step Into (F11), Step Over (F10), or Step Out (Ctrl+F11). To toggle a breakpoint, press F9. When Lua program is running, its execution can be interrupted by pressing Ctrl+Break.

To inspect currently used variables, one can use local and global variables windows. Call stack shows active function calls.

To see program's output, please use In/Out? Window (Alt+5).

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