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 Intel text editor originally part of the MDS-II developement system

 Author:       Intel Corp.
 Family:       AEDITFamily
 Platform:     MSDOS, Windows, Unix
 License:      Open source
 Manual: (Direct PDF download)

This editor was used to edit programs in PL/M (a PL/I like dialect for microprocessors). It was written originally by Intel?. It was originally used on the Intel MDS-II development system. Apparently, it also ran on the VAX. The operating system on that machine was iRMX and the primary programming languages were PL/M-86 and ASM-86. I think a FORTRAN-77 derivative was also available. It is also the original editor that See and MBEDIT were cloned on, from what I'm learned on the web.

More Info:

This gentleman (below) has archived a lot of information about that editor. He also has the source code to the original, written in PL/M as well as a manual, notice of right to use from Intel, and macro files.

Review: (by RonPerrella)

This text editor family was originally started at Intel. The text editor itself is very easy to use. I used the See variant as part of the DeSmet C88 compiler toolkit. I wrote a number of programs using that text editor.


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