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 Online Real Time Syntax Highlighting Editor 

 Authors:  Fernando M.A.d.S., Michael Hurni
 Family:   WebHostedEditors
 Platform: Runs in browser
 License:  Open Source

"I began to write this code mainly because of another project called ECCO.

I needed a good editor to make possible to build a web-based IDE with at least the most common features a desktop IDE have. Then I created a JavaScript syntax highligting engine called RTSHJS.

As ECCO development goes on, I decided to release RTSHJS as a separated project called CodePress. I intend to go back to ECCO development when CodePress reaches version 1.0.

Since CodePress version 0.9, Michael Hurni has joined the project bringing some new features like code snippets and completion and fixes to CodePress core.

Fernando M.A.d.S. "


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